Jun 27, 2009

Saturday FUN!

We started the day off at the pool... Brooklin, Mason, Meridee, Jackson, Kirstin and myself. We swam for a couple of hours and then had some lunch - Mason was done swimming so he opted to watch a movie in grandpa's bed and fell asleep! Brooklin and mom went swimming, long enough to get a nice burn :)

After naptime we headed to the bowling alley for some entertainment! Kasey ended up beating me by 3 pins in the last frame - I choked! He won the big pot of 16 bucks.. Then we grabbed some pizza and went swimming again... I think we had enough swimming for one day!

Nick's Trip - June 10-15

Here are a few pictures of my Washington D.C. trip that Steph got me for my B-day. I just want to say thanks and that I LOVE & APPRECIATE YOU VERY MUCH, words cannot express my feelings!!! It was an Awesome present.

The reason I went to D.C. is my older sister (Teri) graduated from the F.B.I. National Academy on June 12.

This is my first post on the Montoya Maddness and I am excited. We toured the F.B.I. Academy and the Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia for two days and we went to numerous museums. The U.S. Marines Museum was sweet. The Air and Space museum out at Dulles International Airport where the Enola Gay, the Space Shuttle and the Black Bird SR-71 was housed, it was huge!!! That took almost a whole day in itself. After my sisters Graduation we went back to the hotel and changed and took a ride up the coast to Baltimore to watch a baseball game - Baltimore Orioles vs. the Atlanta Braves. Braves won 7-2 but it was awesome. I got to spend time with my sister and her family. Her boys are a pain but we love them, I think they had an amazing time as Josh is into the World War II stuff and Cody liked it also but I think he is into girls more?? I just want to say how proud I am of my sister and all of her accomplishments and that I love her and her family very much! I also want to thank Stephanie once again for this sweet present and all that she does for me and our family and I know I don't say it enough, I really mean it!!!

*Teri * Cody * Josh * Joe*

*Nick * Josh*

*Nick & Teri at graduation*

*Space Museum*

*Joe * Cody * Teri * Josh * Nick*

*The Capitol*

*Washington Monument*


Jun 26, 2009

A Belated Father's Day!

Thanks for being such a great dad to Brooklin and Mason - they love you lots!

Dad.. thanks for all that you do for me and my family. I love you very much :)

We ended up having a nice dinner at my parents house - yummy dutch oven chicken and potatoes! (Sorry you had to cook dinner on your day dad) HaPpY FaThEr's DaY to all the dads out there..

*WaTeR FiGhT*

Grandma's SpeCiaL day!

I'm sure she wasn't thinking it was so special that she'd have to watch my kids while I worked and end up taking them to St. George... Kasey was down here for a basketball camp this week so my mom headed up with the kids to play with Jackson and Meridee. They hit Pizza Factory, the splash pad, the swimming pool, Cafe Rio for dinner (my choice - I went up after work), Target and hit the last few minutes of Kasey's ball game! A busy day but the kids had a blast and THANKS mom for being so willing to take them with you :)

*Meridee * Jackson * Mason * Brooklin*

Yard Work...

The weekend of the wedding, the boys trimmed up gma/gpa's backyard before heading home. It looks like I picked a good weekend to stay home :) Good work boys, it looks great!

*whatta monkey*

*B found a blue robins egg in the grass*

*B and aunt holly's dog Rocky*

Everyone on the Fullmer's side got together for dinner Friday night to celebrate Father's Day. Before heading home, one last stop to say good bye to gpa/gma.

Sarah's Wedding

Nick and Brooklin headed to Utah for my cousin's wedding on June 18th. Sorry we missed out on the party but it looks like everyone had a fun time!

*The beautiful bride.. Sarah*

*Jaycee * Brooklin*

*Nick * Brooklin*

*My sweetie pie*

*You'll SHOOT your EYE out*

My dad came home with a present for the kiddos the weekend he moved Kasey up to Tremonton... Brooklin was sooooo excited and can't wait to go camping so she can shoot her PINK bb/pellet gun!
Be careful B, you'll shoot your eye out :)

Mason couldn't be left out but his just makes noise! They keep their guns in grandpa's safe so we don't have any accidents!!!

Jun 21, 2009

DaTe NiGhT....

under the stars with the kiddos!!! St. George plays a movie in the park twice a month and we saw Madagascar 2. We went with Chrissy, Ethan, Koden and Sam and Kirstin met up with us for dinner and a movie. Pizza Factory was calling our name beforehand, so we ate some yummy dinner and then off to the park we went! We had our chairs and blankets and it was the perfect night to be watching a movie outside.

Ava's PooL ParTy!

Ava turned 2 and had a pool party. The kids had a great time swimming, eating sno cones and pizza, eating lady bug cupcakes and watching Ava open her presents. Thanks for inviting us :)

*the tired birthday girl*

*sam * brooklin*

*brooklin and her goggles*

*mason, hiding from me*

Jun 20, 2009

~Hogle Zoo~

Saturday we babysat Jackson while Kasey and Meridee went to a wedding. Cole had a soccer game in the morning so we headed over to cheer him on... he even scored a goal! Holly took Brooklin with her so the kids could play together for most of the day. I attempted to hit a store with Mason and Jackson - BIG mistake!!! I got half way through the store and decided a might pull my hair out if I try to conquer the entire store, so we went back to gma's for lunch and a nap!
Later in the afternoon I picked up Cole and Brooklin and headed to the zoo! Kasey and Meridee met us up there and we also ran into Chrissy, her mom and kiddos. I have to admit, I was not too impressed with the zoo. I remember it being so cool when I was a kid but a lot of the exhibits were closed and all the animals were sleeping. I was pretty bummed out but the kids had a good time.
After the zoo we grabbed dinner and went back to gma's so Cole and Brooklin could play on grandma's playground!

*the crew (sam, ethan, mason, ava, brooklin, cole)*

*mason on "alex" the lion*

*kasey * jackson*

*brooklin on a zebra*

*looking at a huge snake*

*meridee * kasey * jackson*

*mason * mom * brooklin*

*about the only animal awake*

*meridee * jackson*

*cole * brooklin * mason*

*the lion drinking fountain*

On Sunday we skipped out on church and went shopping (i know, that's bad but i needed some retail therapy)! We hit the mall and a few stores, the kids were even decent for me. After lunch we went the play with Andrew and Ansley for a couple hours. The kids had a ball playing with all their toys! For dinner we had a bbq at Kathleen and Shane's house, all their kids came over so it was fun to visit with them. Thanks for the great meal and for the little walk around the neighborhood!
Monday we didn't get moving to early. We cleaned up the basement and played out in the rain for a little bit. It was a little coldy while we were up there and I didn't pack a jacket for B so we had to find her one. Before heading home we hit a few more stores and Cafe Rio for lunch. The kids did great in the car and we made it home by early evening!