Feb 28, 2009

Garden Time

Today was the perfect day to get the garden planted... with the help of Mason, I got it done! Last weekend Brooklin helped Nick till the garden and get it ready for planting. I can't wait to eat fresh veggies in a few months. We planted tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, green onions, lettuce, carrots, peas, strawberries and we still need to plant the pumpkins and cantoloupe. I think I planted way too much for our little space we have but we'll see what happens!

Feb 27, 2009

**HaPPy BiRtHdAy KiRsTiN**

Happy 23rd Birthday Kirstin!!!! Yesterday was my little sista's birthday so we headed to St. George to play. We ate lunch at Pizza Factory (brooklin insisted) then we went shopping! Well I've decided that shopping isn't fun if you take kids along with you... it was a long day but the birthday girl found lots of cute clothes so it was well worth it! We went to grandma's for cake and then had a sleepover at our house... the World's Greatest Aunt was babysitting for me today and they had quite the lazy day!!! We hope you had a great day Kirst -- we love you lots and are so thankful to have you a part of our family :)

*Brooklin * Auntie Kirstin*

*Jackson * Kirstin*

Feb 23, 2009

What was I going to find?

It was so quiet tonight and I went to check on the kiddos, not knowing what I was going to find! This is what I found... my 2 sweetie pies, not fighting, lying next to each other, coloring. I had to snap a photo :)

It's been a crazy 2 weeks... my kids have been passed around because I haven't had Krista. Her mom has been in ICU and she has been with her these past 2 weeks and being with her family. And to top it off my mom has been out of commission, trying to recover from thyroid surgery. So a BIG shout out to everyone that has helped me out with my kiddos, it is much appreciated!!!! We're ready to have you back Mom and Krista:)

Feb 15, 2009

*Happy V day*

These pictures totally make me laugh.. look at these 2 goofballs which I absolutely adore! My mom gave these teeth to them in their valentine's basket (I'm not sure what they have to do with valentine's day) but the kids loved them. We had a very lazy day which was nice. Nick and I went to lunch and for dinner we had a bbq with Teri(Nick's sister)and her family. I even got flowers and balloons :)

Feb 13, 2009

I absolutely LOVE...

these 2 kiddos!!! They make me laugh and smile on a daily basis... I love you Brooklin & Mason :)

HaPpY VaLeNtiNe'S dAy

Feb 5, 2009

Another FuN park day...

Just a few pics at the park today.. We got our weekly intake of McDonald's and headed to the park to get the kiddos tired! We love our weekly playdates with the Sam, Ava and Chrissy :)

*Ava * Mason*

I've been tagged...

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6. So here we go...

I love this pic of my 2 kiddos. They LOVE taking a bath together, although more water ends up on the floor! I love these 2 more each day -- they bring so many smiles
to my face:)

I tag:

Feb 2, 2009

*SuPeRbOwL SuNdAy*

A big THANKS to Chrissy & Jeremy for hosting the superbowl party at their house. We had awesome food, a little betting (which Mason won $20), friends and a great game to watch. I'm not much into football but the 4th quarter was great... and not to mention I won $50! The kids had a great time playing outside and everyone loved the 3D commercials!

A well needed weekend...

I've been having car problems and getting the run around with Mesquite Ford so I headed to Park City ALONE! I left Thursday night and stayed at my aunt's house in Wanship. My uncle took my car to the dealership in the morning and I was a lazy girl most of the morning. I finally got ready and headed to the outlets -- no kids + no diaper bag or stroller + time to myself to browse + no temper tantrums + lots of time = LOTS of money well spent :)

After my car got fixed, I headed down to South Jordan. I stayed the next 2 nights at Gma & Gpa Winters house, in the most comfy twin bed ever! It was really nice to visit with them and check on Grandpa. He is doing great - getting dressed, walking around and eating much better than when I last saw him at Thanksgiving.
On Saturday I went to lunch with Gma Karen & Gpa Gene. We also had a nice visit over some yummy lunch and dessert. Afterwards I stopped at the mall to window shop!! Later that night I met up with one of my long lost friends, Magaan. We haven't seen each other for years, it was so nice catching up with her!
Sunday I got the heck out of dodge so I could make it home for the Superbowl... All in all it was a fabulous weekend and a much needed break. I missed the kids but they all survived and my house wasn't a total disaster! Thanks for keeping them in one piece Nick (and mom)!

*One happy girl after a day spent ShOpPiNg*