Jun 29, 2008

**YEAH, we FiNaLLy made it to the LaKe**

Saturday we FINALLY took the boat up to Sand Hollow for the day! We had a great time and had lots of fun company. Mom came up with us and Chrissy brought the kids (you missed out Jeremy), Kasey, Meridee & Jackson met us out there. Bohne's brought there boat, Memmott's and Tietjen's came later in the morning and Kirstin, Ashley & Chaz came after lunch! I think Nick spent most of his time driving the boat either pulling tubes, kneeboarders and Kasey tried skiing. I love going out for the day, it's a lot of work getting ready and worse coming home but we always have a wonderful time. The kids absolutely LOVED it. Mason loved playing, eating, throwing the sand everywhere. Brooklin loved swimming, playing with Chaz, riding in the boat and playing with the other kids. Thanks everyone for making it such a FABULOUS weekend! We'll have to do it again very soon...

The Wii

We introduced Grandpa Gene and Grandma Karen to the Wii this past week! It took Grandpa a few tries to get the hang of it but he caught on and bowled a 161 his first time. Then we had to try the boxing to see if the former Middle Weight Champion could keep up on the wii. Well he had perfect form but not too many punches were thrown (we just did the training bag). Of course, Brooklin showed us all up! She is becoming quite the pro and wings that ball down the lane and whoops it up when she bowls a StRiKe or BeAtS you!

Jun 23, 2008

Can't leave Brooklin out!

Brooklin is doing great in swimming lessons - she is in her 2nd week and quite the little fishy! She loves jumping in the deep end and swimming to the edge, she very rarely wears her floaties when swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's pool. Brooklin is almost 3 1/2 years old, here is some things to know about her:
*she loves her tv, I'm usually prying her away from the darn thing. She loves Tom and Jerry cartoons.
*she is getting so awesome at the wii. She can kick everyone's butt at bowling!
*she enjoys riding her bike
*loves playing with her friend Sam (they're getting married in the temple)
*she can't wait for school to start again, we have to drive by her new school every once in a while.
*she adores her new cousin Jackson
*she is such a great big sister to Mason most of the time!
*she is a big help when it comes to cleaning the house, sweeping, picking up toys, setting the table.
*my favorite saying, "I woke up last mornin'" I think it's hilarious when she says that!

Brooklin is such a big help and always makes me laugh. She is so smart and she loves playing school and teaching you how to spell her name. She's so friendly and loves being with her friends. She brings a lot of energy into our home and makes sure we're doing what's right! I love you Brooklin...

15 months

My little man was 15 months old on the 21st. I can't believe how time is flying by, almost time for another! (Just kidding) Anyhow this is more for my journaling but this is what Mason is doing:
*says ma-ma, da-da, moo (for cow), that's about it!
*likes to scream a high pitch squeal when he doesn't get his way
*loves his baths
*starting to eat by himself, although it's a mess afterwards
*likes eating grapes, noodles, cereal, yogurt, popcicles, anything you put in front of him.
*starting to enjoy the water when we go swimming
*loves reading books, playing with balls or trucks
*loves being outside even if it's 110 degrees!
*takes 2 naps usually 2-3 hours long
*gives open mouth kisses, the best!
*still has his thing with shoes (my little guy)
*after his is done eating he'll push his high chair to where it goes.
*he loves pointing at cousin Jackson's picture

Mason is starting to copy everything Brooklin does. He is so sweet and you can't help but love him to pieces! He is my little monster and he brings so much joy into my life.