Apr 27, 2011

**coloring eggs/easter morning**

Saturday night we went over the Shane and Kathleen's to color eggs. We did this last year and I think we're making it a new tradition to be with the Whiting's on Easter! The kids really got into coloring eggs this year and everyone did a great job!

brooklin, jackson and grandma

mason and alyssa

mason and his kafaween (kathleen)

the finished product!

We stayed at their house so the kids could go on the scavenger hunt in the morning to find the baskets. Brooklin loved this last year and she's been talking about for a few weeks. The bunny is soooo creative and left the kids 10 clues to figure out and the last one had their baskets. We had a big ole breakfast with all of Shane and Kathleen's kids along with my mom and dad. We always have so much fun with this bunch!!!

brooklin, mason and skylee found all 57 eggs!

reading a clue

and another one...

brooklin found her basket in the shower

and so did mason!

~egg hunt~

It had been a year since I've seen most of the Winters clan so we had a little get together Saturday afternoon! It was so nice visiting with everyone and eating (we never have a problem doing that)... we had a yummy taco bar and dessert! The kids hunted eggs and Mason was all into it - I think he grabbed the most! Brooklin was in heaven cuz she got to play with her buddy Cole!
We missed those of you who weren't there!

kasey, mikey, dave

aunt julie, holly, susan

my little egg hunter

kasey, holly, nick

brooklin and cole

dad and grandma

JaCkSoN turns 3!

We headed north for Easter weekend and it just so happened to be Jackson's birthday on the Friday before. We left later on Thursday and got to Tremonton around midnight so we crashed once we got settled. The kids were so excited to see Jackson and Addi in the morning! We miss them so much...
Meridee had planned a little party for him at the gymnastics gym where she works. The kids had so much fun swinging on the rope, playing on the bars, walking on the balance beam and hanging on the rings. Even Papa Mikey got in on the action and tried doing the rings with a lot of help from Kasey and he even managed to get up on the beam and complete a sweet turn while he was up there - his dismount was horrible though! We ate cupcakes with Jackson's little friends and then headed to a great little pizza place in town.
We hung out for the rest of the afternoon and then Saturday the kids went golfing with the guys and the girls headed down to hit Ikea and a couple other stores before the easter egg hunt!
Thanks for a fun weekend Kasey, Meridee, Jackson & Addi!!!!

#1 hula hooper

my little monkey


brooklin on the beam

mason on the beam

mr. agile!

still can't believe he did this - in front of other people too!

addi bug

the birthday boy!!!

Apr 18, 2011

Oh My Brooklin....

Brooklin was taking dessert orders tonight and apparently Mason wanted ice cream with an orange. Brooklin took it upon herself to do the entire process, I wasn't sure what she was doing. I was at the computer and turned around - this was our little conversation:
Me: What ya doing B?
B: Peeling an orange with a fork for Mason.
Me: What are you wearing sunglasses for?
B: Cuz the orange kept squirting my eyes.
Me: Rolling with laughter!!!!
This girl kills me! She was so proud of herself and so was I :) I love you B...
peeling the orange with a fork!

really mom, another picture - i'm trying to work here!

the finished product and mason loved it!

Apr 10, 2011

The Big Move / A New Beginning

I've been dreading this post and putting if off until today! My parents have officially moved out of Mesquite and are now living in St. George. I've been an emotional wreck for the last month between packing up their house, thinking about all the memories we have made in that house, finding little treasures while packing, knowing that my mom and dad won't be just around the corner and actually seeing the house empty. I've been a mess!!!!
Anyhow, it's been a rough year for my parents with my dad losing his job and being out of work for about 10 months. They ended up losing their house and the mortgage company wouldn't work with them to lower payments - it's been a bitter situation. So with lots of searching, they found a beautiful home to rent in St. George. This will be quite the adjustment for us - we're so use to having them right here!
We are going to miss having a pool in the summer (this is my official announcement of NO swimming lessons this year) - I'm a little sad about not teaching this year, we've been doing them for years back there. My kids will miss having the pool, it was so convenient! Mason is going to miss grandma's swingset and her basement cuz he liked watching movies down there. Brooklin is going to miss the basement also and jumping from the swings in the backyard.
After 18 years of being in the house my mother had accumulated a lot of treasures/junk! We spent the last 4 weekends just boxing everything up and filling 5 dumpsters with stuff. We had a huge yard sale last weekend and she sold most everything which was a blessing.  Thank you to all those who helped us move, the ward came one night and helped move all the big furniture. Kasey & Meridee came the first weekend in April to help unload lots of boxes and get ready for the yard sale. It's definitely been a joint effort, I told my parents next time they move I'll be on vacation!
I know this will be a good move for them - it will be kind of like a new start for them. I'm going to miss having them so close - at times I wish I didn't live so close to them but when it comes right down to it I'm probably going to have the hardest time with this little transition. I depend on my parents for so much and they were always there when I needed them. I know St. George isn't too far and now I have an excuse to hit up Cafe Rio more often! I love you Mom and Dad so much - even if I've cussed you out for the last month Mom!
Here are some pics from the big move.... If any of you need their new address or phone, send me a message with your email and I'll get it to you :)

found some of my grandma's hats

grandpa was tired and done at this point!

trying to get the safe out

the happy couple!

after a hard days work

kasey trying out the stilts

my first levi jacket!

mom and her freakin collection of bears - pathetic!

welcome to the winters market

and there's still more for another sale - really pathetic!

the kids had one last swim in the pool - it was freezing!

they all went skinny dippin

kirstin was having allergy problems

i'm gonna miss this house :(

one last famous "fireplace" picture!