Mar 28, 2011


My life has been super crazy lately - I never know if I'm coming or going! Anyhow, here are just a few pics of the kiddos. They are getting so big and loving the awesome weather we've been having. Both kids have loved going to softball practice with me and it makes me so happy to have them up there and wanting to swing a bat!

rock star day at school

loves jump roping - check out the jacket!

gma found this bumble bee costume in her basement

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . i demand a thumb war

Flag Football

Another season is done and over with.... Flag Football was such a blast this time around. Nick did a great job with the kids and we had a fun little team! Everyone did a great job and we can't wait for the next time around. Go BeArs!
b did great this year - made lots of touchdowns!

mason even had some good runs!

b loved pulling flags and would even dive to get them....

max & mason were crack up's

riley & brooklin

run mason

da bears
braden harris, riley price, mason, nick, brooklin, sam woods, max hughes, conner woods

dog pile.... don't get smashed max!

and they're down!

*HaPpY BiRtHdAy MaSoN*

I can't believe my little guy is 4 years old! He had been on a countdown for about week and a half before and everyday asked if it was his birthday. Needless to say he was very excited and he couldn't make his mind up about what kind of party he wanted - Batman, Lightening McQueen (which was last year) or Mario? Such decisions a 4 year old needs to make... he went with Batman and then I changed his mind once I hit the party store and saw Curious George!
At softball practice all the girls were telling him happy birthday and Coach Lunt let him ride in the Gator, so he thought he was quite the StUd! They also sang Happy Birthday to him - softball style and he was all shy but LOVED the attention!
We had a little party at the park in the wind and cold but everyone braved it and had a good time. The kids just ran around while the adults visited! Thanks Dalton's, Hughes, Harris', Woods, Grandma and Grandpa for helping Mason celebrate!

birthday boy

his morning present - couldn't wait all day to open presents

my cute little monkey

all the monkeys that came to the party (minus sam and ava)

mason and his buddy max

braden, cooper and joselyn

sam and ava

dez  and rylan

so excited for mario kart

steph, josie, shannon and chrissy

curious george cake by natalie anderson

make a wish

look at all those monkeys!
Mason - my little guy
I love you so very much!
You make me so happy each day.
I love that you come in by me each morning and give me
a kiss and ask to turn the tv on.
I love your energy and want some of it!
You love school and love going to Primary.
You are such a good little friend and love to be
around babies.
Your smile is contagious and those brown eyes melt my heart!
You are such a silly boy and can drive me bonkers at time
but I wouldn't have it any other way!
I love you Mason....

Mason got a lot of fun things this year - so for my memory I'm making a list!
Brooklin - curious george book and stuffed animal
Mom - bat, mariokart, clothes, football, and new green crocs
Gma & Gpa - talking Buzz Lightyear, soccer ball, clothes, ds game
Kirstin - $10
Rylan - $10
Ava & Sam - nerf gun
Max - ball shooter thing
Cooper - airplane things and bubble gun
Kasey (our neighbor) - puzzles, trucks and coloring books


Mar 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day

 It's Green Day!!!! The tricky Leprachaun found our house in the middle of the night and turned our milk green along with the pancake batter - Brooklin was quite shocked he had snuck in!
Grandma bought the kids cute green shirts and Brooklin wouldn't wear hers cuz it was game day and she had to wear her greeen softball shirt!
birthday cupcakes

Mason celebrated his birthday at school today and took these rainbow cupcakes! He thought they were pretty cool and did a great job helping me with them. He said everyone in his class loved them!

SiLLy SoCk DaY

Tuesday was SiLLy SoCk DaY at school...
Mason didn't have much of a selection so he went
with Batman and his moose socks Grandpa got him in Alaska!
I just LoVe this little guy to pieces!

Mar 13, 2011

Brooklin's Field Trip

Brooklin finally got to ride on a bus - I think she was more excited about this more than the actual field trip! Anyhow, the kindergartners were able to visit Hafen's Farm for their field trip. Brooklin was super excited since she found out about it and could hardly wait for the day to arrive. It looks like they all had a great time - she came home with a cute mask and told me how she rode a horse, held a baby chick, rode on a wagon pulled by a tractor, saw a pig (it stunk) and saw some cows! Brooklin's favorite part was riding the horse and holding the baby chick!
whatta cowgirl :)
so brave!
brooklin and ben
Thanks for the pics Michelle :)

Mar 5, 2011

forgot President's day!

I got ahead of myself and totally forgot President's Day weekend! Kirstin and I were in Vegas working our side job - Herff Jones.. we worked Fri and Sat 3-7:30 so we played a little bit. Friday night we went to Town Square but all the stores were closing once we got there so we had dinner at Brio and it was FaBuLoUs!!! We stayed at this awesome suite at the Riveria (not really, quite ghetto) so Saturday we checked out and hit the outlets for a couple hours and then onto Costco. After working we ate dinner at PF Chang's which was Oh So GoOd!
While we were in Vegas my parents had a house full... Kasey and Meridee had come down (Kasey's basketball team played Cedar Fri night and lost so they headed on down) and the Whiting's came down for the weekend. I think they hit the buffet one night and just played most of the time, Brooklin and Mason were in heaven having Addi, Jackson, Skylee and Jessie around to play with all weekend.
On Monday everyone went for a 4 wheeler ride before heading back home, my dad and I had to work so we got left out! I think they had a blast... Shane and Kathleen are ready to head back down for a longer ride :)
mason, jackson, brooklin

kasey, shane, skylee, jessie

the gang at sunday dinner

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our very bestest friends in the world

the crew

mason was helping jackson up the hill