Dec 21, 2010

Getting Ready for the Big Guy....

in the ReD suit!!!! The tree is decorated and most of the presents are wrapped....
Brooklin's candy train

little munchikins

trying to dance!

Kasey's Post

I'm posting this because I think it's pretty AWESOME!!! Kasey was able to attend the Utah Hall of Fame banquet with my grandpa, uncles and cousin. Kasey was in 7th heaven getting to meet all of his idols he's watched play basketball for the Utah Jazz. I guess he sat in the back with Hornecek for about 15 mins and he talked with Coach Sloan for a few minutes too! We thought Kasey was tall until you see him standing next to Mark Eaton and grandpa really looks short!

Kasey and Jeff Hornecek

Bart, Grandpa, Coach Sloan, DeLaun, Kasey and Zach

Kasey and Coach Sloan

Mark Eaton and Kasey

Bart, Zach, Mark Eaton, Grandpa, Kasey, DeLaun
Freank Layden

Dec 16, 2010

mason's school party

Today Mason wore his jammies to school and watched "The Grinch that Stole Christmas" cartoon and then a special visitor surprised all the kids! Santa came walking thru the door... Mason gave him a big hug and asked for a new scooter and lego's! The kids finished the day with doughnuts and chocolate milk!
getting ready for the movie

miss kendra's class

{teachers gifts}

Good thing one of my cousins married a super creative gal cuz she's always coming up with awesome ideas and I just love to steal them!!! And this was one of them... (thanks Evonne :)
mrs. mickelson's

miss kendra's

Dec 10, 2010

ward party

We had our ward party Thursday night and the primary kids put on the nativity for us. They did a really great job and Brooklin's assignment was to be a cute little lamb! We borrowed a cute little costume for her to use (thanks Vicki) and she did her part perfectly!

Mason eating the gingerbread house!

Dec 8, 2010


We did these little snowmen for scouts and we had to do a sample run last night to make sure they worked! Brooklin loved it and her's turned out the best! I found this idea on Family Fun and you just use Ivory Snow laundry soap and water - super easy and fun :)

Dec 7, 2010

LeAvEs are FaLLiN'

The leaves have been falling off our tree in our front yard and the kids love raking them into a pile and then throwing or jumping in them. Since today was such a perfect day to be outside, we decided to play a little bit out there. Mason loved making a leaf angel since we're blessed with NO snow! We had a great day :)

Dec 5, 2010


My favorite day of the year - I save all year for this wonderful day, start planning a few weeks in advance, scope out the ads for the best bargain and start planning the big day!!! I kind of think Kirstin is starting to like it just a little bit since she has gone with me the last couple of years :)
We usually head north for Thanksgiving and we have our set stores we head to up there but we stayed home this year and the decision to head to St. George or Vegas was quite easy.... Vegas Baby! So Kirstin and I packed up and headed down around 12:30am and assumed our position in line at Target by 1:50am. We were bundled up in our camp chairs and watching a movie!! At 3:30am our cousin McKaylee decided to join in the fun and met us so we hauled our chairs and crap back to the car and got our game faces on... The doors opened at 4:00 and we ran around getting everything we needed and more! Once again, Target didn't disappoint and we were out of there within an hour! Next stop, Kohl"s... well it was a crazy 2 hour wait in line so we stashed our stuff and headed back to Becky's for a much needed 2 hour nap. We were ready to head back out by 11 ish, we got some breakfast and caffeine and went back to Kohl"s! We found our stuff and waited in line for about an hour and then off to the mall. We finally got back home by 6:30-7 pm :)
It was a crazy day but it went so smooth and Vegas did not disappoint at all and we didn't have to wait in freezing degree temps :) Thanks Kirst for being my little shopping buddy - I had a great time and we did awesome with all our purchases!
waiting in line all bundled up... kirst didn't want to get lost!

she took this really serious this year :)

only another hour until the doors open!
kirstin's big purchase for the day :)

Something to be ThAnKFuL for...

I'm so thankful for my family and everything they do for me!!! We had a wonderful dinner at my parents house along with Kirstin, Kasey, Meridee, Jackson & Addi, Aunt Becky, Jim & McKaylee came up from Vegas to join us. The food was fabulous and my mom out did herself as usual!  Brooklin had been saying she was going to eat the turkey leg, so my dad saved one for her... well she went to town on that leg and ate the entire thing. We were all laughing that she actually ate the thing to the bone! After dinner and pie Kirstin and I had to get our game plan ready for BLACK FRIDAY! We had a nice time visiting and the night before Melissa and Dave stopped by on their way to Utah. It was fun to see them and see Melissa since she's having her first baby in January!

steph * melissa

kasey * meridee -- sweet aprons!

mom * dad

becky * jim

kirstin * mckaylee * steph

steph * nick

brooklin eating her turkey leg!

meridee * kasey

the girls

Dec 2, 2010

mini photo shoot

with some of the cutest kids around! I needed to get a few pics of the kids so after school one day the kids got dressed up and we headed to our destination! Of course the kids didn't want to cooperate and all I wanted was a good pic of each of them and one together... I think 60 pics later we got some :)
I love these 2 more than anything and they brighten my day, each and every single day!

 These 2 can be the best of friends one minute and the next they are at each others throat... they are so sweet to each other and can be so mean at the same time... Mason is so sweet in the mornings when we drop B off to school - he always rolls his window down to yell "I love you Brooklin" and flash her the "i love you" sign.. it melts my heart! I hope these 2 will always be close growing up and have a great relationship...

Had to catch the cooky silly faces these 2 love to make all the time... I'd have to say silly face, then big smiles, etc... I love these little goof balls :)