Feb 3, 2008

The joys of sick kiddos

Since Thursday Brooklin has been running a fever between 100-103 degrees and coughing, runny nose... all that fun stuff. I've been giving her meds and hoping it will just go away. She missed school on Thursday and she has been lying around all weekend looking just like this. She has those sad little puppy dog eyes!
Mason is just cutting teeth, I think. He really hasn't had a fever but his nose is running and he is starting to cough now.
I swear my kids are sick every 6 six weeks -- I don't know what the deal is. We don't go out that much for them to get sick... Anyhow, this is how our weekend has gone!

What a wonderful man...

It has been a week since our beloved President Hinkley has passed away. He was 97 years old and passed away in his home last Sunday evening. It has been a great experience watching all the documentaries on this great man. I didn't realize what marvelous things he has been involved in with the church. I loved watching him speak, he was so full of life and showed his great spirit and personality everytime he spoke.
I can remember when I was going to school at BYU-Hawaii and he came over for a devotional. The place was packed and it was such a privilege to hear him speak.
He will be missed greatly by a number of people but we can't help think of where he is now. A better place with his adorable wife and those who have gone on before him. I 'm sure that was a lovely reunion!! We will miss you President Gordon B. Hinkley!