Dec 27, 2015

more sledding/skyping

We had to be out of the cabin by 11 so we loaded up 
and headed to Cedar to sled one last time before 
going home. It was FREEZING!!!!

We stopped at my parents to Skype with Kirst,
she had Santa deliver gifts to the kids! 
They were stoked to get soccer jerseys....

christmas day

Christmas morning was fun with all the kids!
Brooklin was asking for a polaroid camera and
Mason wanted a metal detector. Both were thrilled
with their gifts and it was a wonderful morning!
My most favorite gift came from Brooklin....
She had written me a note and put $30 of her
own money to use for my trip to Ecuador.
It was really sweet, melted my heart
and made me cry!!

After the toys had been played with and breakfast had been eaten
we headed out for some more sledding. We found a hill to
go down and climb back up over and over!! It was a workout...
On our way back to the cabin, mom wanted to get pulled 
behind the truck so I volunteered to go with her!!!
We decorated cookies tonight!