May 31, 2014


The city has a little bmx track now open and 
Mason has been dying to go over and try it out!
Nick took him over and let him have a go at it...

piano recital

Brooklin had her year end piano recital
and did awesome on her piece! She's been
practicing for a few months and had it memorized.
She played it perfectly!!! So proud of all her hard
work, I know she hates waking up in the morning to
practice but it's the only time I know it will get done!

the big 4-0!!

Having a birthday during softball is just not a good
thing!! Nick's birthday fell on a Thursday and I was 
headed to Vegas for a softball game so he didn't
get much of a celebration for his big 4-0!
He got a bbq and a camp chair, and
some Miami Hurricane shorts..
 real exciting huh???
We did make him birthday pancakes for breakfast!!

mothers day/birthday

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing,
sharing my birthday with Mothers Day
but it was fine and I got spoiled!
I'm so thankful for the 2 reasons I get to
celebrate Mother's Day!!! My kids are 
my everything and they bring so much
joy and happiness... They keep me on my toes
and running around but that's a good thing!!!

I'm so thankful for my mom and all she does for our family.
 She is amazing and I'm grateful for her example of
what a selfless mother should be. I'm sad I didn't get 
a picture of us on Saturday! I'm also thankful for all the other
women in my life who have been such an influence on me!

May 30, 2014

birthday hike/bbq

Since the boys were away at father and sons,
B and I headed to St. George for the night.
Kirstin had come down for the weekend
so we planned an adventure for Sat!!
We started our morning doing a kettlebell
class and getting our sweat on!
Then we went hiking with some friends!
We hiked a slot canyon which was
awesome and great scenery!
It was a fun day and we topped it
off with some much needed lunch!

Afterwards we had a bbq at my parents to celebrate
Mother's Day and my birthday! It was good time
and what's a Winters get together without a 
friendly game of 4 square!!!

May 25, 2014

father and sons

Father and sons happen to fall on the Friday
of the week Mason was in the hospital. 
He was concerned he wouldn't be able 
to go but he was feeling good and we thought
we would be fine going. So the boys headed 
up to Lime Kiln Friday afternoon and do
what boys do on their campouts!!!

just a little scare and a hospital stay

Well we should feel lucky that we've gone 7 years
without an ER visit with Mason!!! When I got
home Sunday night (May 4th) he was asleep and
sounded horrible, like he couldn't breathe very well.
Monday morning he sounded fine and felt like going to 
school so I sent him. I got a call around noon that he
didn't feel very well and the nurse knew something was
wrong because he never comes into the office.
When I picked him up he just started crying because
he wanted to stay at school. He was all worked up
and couldn't breathe very well. Nick was home for the 
day and I needed to see a few more patients, so he 
ran him up to the quickcare in Mesquite.
They said it was pneumonia, gave him a shot of
Roseffen and sent him home with a z-pack. Mind you, 
his O2 was down to 84% and it should be above 90%.
When I got home from practice, Nick took B to her
softball game. Meanwhile, Mason is throwing up and 
struggling to breath the entire 2+ hours they were gone.
So when Nick got home I told him we needed to take
him up to the ER. We got B situated at a friends house
(thanks Lee's) and headed to St. George!!!!
After a chest xray it showed no pneumonia but he
was still struggling to breath - 3-8 liters of O2 to keep
is SaO2 in the low 90's. They had to poke him 3 times for 
his IV and he was a champ thru that! After a 
breathing treatment and a steroid thru his IV they 
decided to admit him to the peds unit at the old hospital.
Mason and I took a ride in the ambulance and Nick
followed us. Finally at 3:30am we got our room and
tried to get settled in for the night. He had another 
breathing tx and seemed to be doing a little better but
needed the continuous O2.
Dr. Marsden the pediatrician came in Tuesday morning
and seemed to think it may be a viral respiratory infection.
Maybe linking it to an environmental asthma type thing
that was triggered by something over the weekend??
He wanted to keep him until he could stay above 90
on room air for 6+ hours. And continue with the 
breathing tx every 4 hours and the steroid every 10 hours.
He was able to keep his O2 above 90 from noon on into
the evening but when he started to fall asleep it would 
drop so he decided to keep him one more night!
Tuesday he had a few visitors which he was 
happy to see - Grandpa, Uncle Kasey, Grandma,
Nurse Sally, Tilman and his girls, The Lee's and 
Brooklin came up later that evening. We appreciated
all who thought of Mason by coming to visit or
sending a text! Thanks for thinking of our little guy!
I had come home with the Lee's so I could stay
with Brooklin at home and I needed to work
Wed -- I knew he'd be getting discharged Wed
morning so it worked out well.
We kept him home from school on Thursday just
to get some rest and then he was ready to go Fri!
He's done really well and it was just a freak 
thing that happened - this kid is so active and has 
never had any asthma symptoms. His allergies bother
him during the spring season but this is a healthy kid.
We are so thankful he has recovered and is back to himself.
It was so sad seeing him struggling so much to breathe
but he cooperated with all the nurses, doctors and therapists!