Apr 27, 2014

51's game

Friday night it was little league night
down at the 51's game so Nick took the
kids down for some fun. I had a late softball
game so I missed out!!! They met up with
Woods' and Hughes' before the game to eat
dinner and then off to the game.
The kids had a blast... they met cosmo the alien,
got their faces painted, went down on the field to
sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the 7th inning
stretch and enjoyed the fireworks and free slurpees 
for so many strikeouts and a win!!!

baseball/softball season

The season is well under way and I've 
only snapped a few pics! It's been fun watching
the girls play and improve each week!
Mason is playing coach pitch and just happy
to be there! His goal is to get a home run at 
each at bat.... Silly kid!!

take your kid to work day...

Brooklin was able to participate in the annual
take your son/daughter to work day.
She wanted to go to work with me but I only 
had a few patients and then was headed to 
Vegas for a softball game. So she ended up going
with Nick and he said she worked hard!!
She thought she was pretty cool learning new
things and going out for lunch, she picked Sushi Masa.
She must've had fun because she wanted to
go back to work the next day instead 
of going to school!

doesn't look like they're working too hard!

riding bikes

The kids have loved riding their bikes
to school and it's been so convenient for
all of us!!! There is usually a little bike gang
from the neighbor who eventually all meet up
somewhere along the way! I had a sweet friend
snap this pic and send it to me one day
and it made me happy!!!

Daddy/Daughter Camo Date

Brooklin has really enjoyed Achievement Days
and she had a fun time helping to plan the
Daddy/Daughter Date!!
They planned a camo party so everyone
dressed in their camo, they had dinner and
then took them through an obstacle course!
 Brooklin had a fun time but was disappointed
because she wanted to get muddy!!

lookin good

The lights of my life!!!


We had a little Winters easter party the 
Saturday before Easter.  We colored eggs,
played some games and hunted eggs!

We also celebrated Jackson's 6th bday while we were up there!
We had cake and ice cream along with a little cupcake
war which ended in a mess!!!