Apr 29, 2012

st. george fun!

My mom took the kids home with her on Friday - I think she was going through withdrawls, she hadn't seen them for awhile.
Saturday I headed up and the kids wanted to go swimming but we settled on Main Street Park! Grandpa met us after awhile and we ate lunch at Kneader's... Then we sent the kids home with Grandpa while we ran a couple errands and hit Costco!
Mason has been begging for Krave so that was our dinner!!!! What a good mom, huh???

one COOL car!

Last week we went to the high school to
visit my mom and Mason saw this
little red car in the parking lot.
He said, "Mom, look at the sweet, red car!"
I told him it was Coach Creer's and he
didn't believe me.
So the next day at practice they were talking
to coach and started asking her about the
sweet red car. She offered to bring them
home after practice. They were so
excited and had to have the top down too!
They couldn't stop talking about it...
Thanks for taking them for a ride in the
cool red car Coach!!!!

Apr 24, 2012

what a stinker!!!

Mason is obsessed with my kindle and loves playing
on it whenever he can. He's always checking out
the new games and asking if he can buy them.
I only let him get the free ones cuz I'm cheap
like that and he's really good about asking.
Well I had a softball game yesterday and
Nick was home sick so I left Mason home.
It was hot and he usually gets bored after a while
so I thought this was the perfect situation!
I got done with my game, rushed home to shower
cuz I had a party to get too.
I got home last night and started checking my
email and noticed all these amazon charges.
So I opened them up and started looking
closer at them... Mason managed to order
10, yes TEN movies or seasons of cartoons.
With a grand total of $91...
Seriously???? I asked Nick if he
was even watching him...
I made Mason go get his wallet and give
me his $10 he had been saving and then
Brooklin pitched in a dollar.
He was sad and I know he didn't know
what he was doing but he's never
tried buying movies before and he always
asks me before buying anything.
So needless to say, the parental controls are on,
and the kindle is off limits for awhile!
I still think Nick should chip in since it
happened on his watch :)
I had to document this so I would remember
what a little stinker my Mason is...
but I still LOVE him to pieces!!!

Apr 22, 2012

my other side job

So I've been working with Herff Jones for probably the last 10 years and I just help them do a few high schools and UOP in Vegas. We sell graduation items to the graduates and class rings. I had to go to Vegas Saturday and I brought Brooklin along with me. She was so excited to go and she just wanted to make money (just like her momma)! She was super cute and everyone loved her, she was the greeter and handed them a clipboard to fill out the paperwork!
After we were done she was starving so we ate at Chipolte and topped it off with some Cold Stone. We hit Target and Hobby Lobby then headed home. Thanks for helping me out B, we had a great day!

a much needed GNO

Friday night the girls headed out for a night on the town! We ate at the coffee shop in Eureka and then hit up BINGO.... And Juwlz was the lucky winner for the night - she won 3 different games and walked away with close to $400! Thanks girls for the fun night, we need to do it more often :)

remember never to get the small rainbow!

birthday girl...

it's getting HoT!

This week we had to break out the swimming suits and throw the sprinkler under the tramp so the kids could cool off....

Ready for KiNdErGaRtEn...

We took Mason to get the last of his shots on Tuesday so he'll be ready for kindergarten roundup! He was so brave and didn't even shed a tear... He did great with getting 2 shots, one in each arm.

Apr 15, 2012


total MaSoN randomness...

A while back Mason went to Tremonton with my parents and these are a few pics from that trip!

naptime with papa
 Friday my mom took the kids home with her and she looked in the back and this is how she found Mason... he said his legs were cold so he pulled out his undies and jammie bottoms to cover his legs!

my cute little bunny

a Saturday drive with grandpa.....

The kids went home with grandma on Friday
after school for a sleepover.
The plan was to go 4 wheeling but the weather
turned yucky this weekend so grandpa
decided on a drive to Mt. Trumbull.
They found snow and got grandpa's truck
really dirty!
I headed up Saturday and we met at Red Robin
for lunch and then the girls shopped around
for a little bit!

easter morning

We love staying at the Whiting's for Easter - the bunny is so creative and fun at their house. The kids hunted all the eggs and then the bunny left a note sending them on a scavenger hunt thru the house to find their baskets! We also had a yummy breakfast and visited with all the kiddos that came over...

looking for clues

found the baskets in the bathtub!

coloring eggs

We eventually made it back to Shane and Kathleen's Saturday night so we could color eggs. The kids had a blast and Nick even got in on the coloring action...

Winters Easter Egg Hunt

We got together with the Winters later Saturday, it was fun to see everyone! It seems like everyone is so busy and it's hard to get everyone together but almost everyone was there. We had a little egg hunt for the grandkids and ate yummy sloppy joes along with some great salads. The kids love playing in grandma's backyard cuz it's like they are at a park and the clubhouse it so cool!

i think mason found the most eggs!

mikey surprised us and brought the shuttle up friday night!

cole & b were inseparable all day

auntie kirst gave the boys converse for their bdays!