Oct 26, 2011

PuMpKiN RuN 2011

Brooklin did so AwEsOmE!!!
She came out running and was in first
for most of the race and ended up coming
in 3rd place!
She was very determined to get a pumpkin..
Great Job B - we're so proud of you!

here she comes!

keep going b!

nice running!

way to go first grade girls!

i think she picked out the biggest one!

Oct 23, 2011

it was a PuMpKiN night...

We had a pumpkin night at our house...
We ate dinner in a pumpkin and it
was a huge hit!
Then we carved our pumpkins we got yesterday.
Mason picked out Phineas,
Brooklin couldn't decide and ended up
with Tinkerbell,
Nick did Angry Birds
I did the Hello Kitty Witch!

dinner in a pumpkin

this pic makes me laugh...

mason taking pics again - while i carve his pumpkin



happy halloween!

primary program

Today the kids had their primary program. They both did a great job doing their parts and singing all the songs! Mason had his part memorized so well:
I can follow Jesus' example by helping my mom and dad
and being nice to others. I can also pray to
Heavenly Father.
Brooklin tried memorizing hers and did farely well but she read it today:
Heavenly Father has commanded us to pray because he loves us
and wants to bless us. We should pray to be nice to other people and
help us understand the scriptures. We should pray if we need help with anything.

Staheli Farms

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Staheli Farm/Pumpkin Patch. The kids have been wanting to go find a pumpkin - except for Brooklin cuz she's getting hers at the pumpkin run on Wed! The kids played around on all the slides, rides and jumpy things, petting animals, rode the cow train and then we took our tractor ride to find the perfect pumpkins!

this jump pillow was so awesome!

mason loved the water races

on the tractor ride to pick pumpkins

the perfect pumpkin

another perfect pumpkin

mason wanted to take a pic

mason and the traveling witch!

GNO's RoCk!!!!

Yes, this girls night out was much needed and we took full advantage of having some FuN! Christina, Staci, Robin, Juwlz and myself loaded up Friday night and headed to St. George. We browsed around Target for a minute and then made our way to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Sneaky Christina told the waitress it was my birthday so I got to ride the saddle! After dinner we needed to walk around for a little bit so we went to Dillard's for a few minutes but those pictures aren't making the blog :) Anti Gravity was next on the list and we had a BLAST! We topped the night off with Krave and then headed home... It was a great night and I definitely think we need to make it a monthly outing for sure :)

robin & juwlz

christina & staci


good times!

silly girls...

trying to do toe touches

taking a rest

my sweet flip

dominating the joust

this was so fun

stay on your feet rob!

this pic makes me laugh :)

thanks girls for a FUN night!