Sep 19, 2010

Just Kickin' It

Well it's been quite boring around our house.. Just a little update on everyone!
Nick: Well it's that time of year, FOOTBALL season. He is once again coaching the 6th grade football team and that keeps him busy during the week and every Saturday. He's still working at the rec center and keeping busy with that.

Steph: I'm still working 3 days a week and chasing kids around here and there. I'm playing softball once a week and loving that!

Brooklin: is loving kindergarten! She wishes we lived further away so she could ride the bus... she loves it when Grandma picks her up! Everyday she likes telling us what she did and who she sat by or played with.. I've been dropping her off at the top and she walks down like she's been doing it for years! Little miss independent! She is in her 2nd year of music and enjoying getting to know the piano.

Mason: is still all BOY! He's going to preschool twice a week and doing great. I wasn't sure how he would handle it but he's doing awesome. Miss Kendra said he's a good little helper! He loves playing with Rylan and Gracie on the days I work. This little guy keeps everyone on their toes. He loves going to nursery and he has the BEST nursery leaders ever...

We're getting excited for Halloween and the kiddos are already talking about Christmas. I'm sure it will be here before we know it. So for now, this is what's happening with our family... nothing much but it keeps us busy :)

Sep 9, 2010

LaBoR DaY 2010

We headed up to Cedar Mountain Friday after work, my dad had gone up Wednesday to get the perfect spot for us! Kasey and his family came down late Friday night too so that was fun for the kiddos. We just got settled in on Friday and went to bed, most everyone was in the trailer, Nick was in back of the truck, my dad and I each had a tent we opted to stay in!
Saturday morning we headed to Mammoth Caves and went through a couple of them. It was pretty crazy being in there, the kids went with us through the first one and it got pretty squishy trying to get out but we made it! The second one the kids stayed out with gma and gpa and it's a good thing because we were army crawling through the last half. It was awesome and we all got muddy!

After the caves we found Mammoth Springs and the boys had a water fight and grandpa told the grandkids he'd buy ice cream if they all got in the water... it was FREEZING cold but they all did it! Brooklin and Mason had stripped to their undies and Jackson was running around in his diaper!
mason getting his head wet for ice cream
kasey and brooklin getting wet

We headed back for ice cream and camp after awhile - Kasey and Nick went fishing while grandpa, Mason and myself went on a 4 wheeler ride over to Doug and Vicki's place. I think the rest of them took a nap! That night for dinner we had yummy navajo tacos and then we had to bust out the mega huge marshmellows for smores!
check out that marshmellow - that's one!

Sunday we went to the ice cave but there was no ice but it was still cooler down in the cave. We hiked up to Cascade Falls - gma stayed with Addi, Jackson and Mason. We made it to the top and Brooklin even hiked up there, I was so proud of her!
We stopped along the stream by Duck Creek Village and had a picnic on the way home. The kids threw rocks in the stream and we enjoyed being outside in the nice fresh air.
Kasey, Nick, Meridee, Grandma and the kids went fishing before dinner... the mighty fishermen didn't catch anything the entire weekend. Better luck next time!

Monday morning we all headed home fairly early... Grandma and Kirstin stayed to go on a 4 wheeler ride with Grandpa before coming home. Grandpa stayed another day to avoid all the traffic going home on Monday. We had a fun weekend and yummy food which is a bonus - the kids were in heaven playing with Addi and Jacks and being covered in dirt all weekend! Here are a few random shots...

Sep 8, 2010

Mason is off to school...

Mason started school on Tuesday at Sunshine! I wasn't sure how he'd respond because he asked if I would stay with him all morning. I told him I'd go see a couple patients and then I'd be back for him and he was good with that. We got Brooklin dropped off and then it was Mason's turn... he did great, no tears for either of us! He told me he was going to be brave and he was... He's so funny, after getting dressed he told me I needed to comb his hair - I don't know the last time I combed his hair and he even got the gel out!
Mason you're getting so big and you drive me bonkers most of the time but you can always put a smile on my face. You're such a tease but you can be so sweet! I love you to pieces and I know you'll do a great job this year in preschool.

showing off his Transformer backpack
Miss Kendra
all smiles afterwards :)