Apr 25, 2010

the BeSt carnival day EvEr!

After the parade we came home and hung out for most of the day, had a bbq with Chrissy and the kids then headed to the carnival around 7... I remember when the carnival was so much fun, that definitely changes the older I get! The kids had a blast - we did the ferris wheel, an obstacle course, the merry go round, little cars & motorcycles, the spinning strawberries and the bumper cars! We had to take a break for snow cones, kettle corn and yummy texas twister drinks (the best part of the carnival). We stayed for a few hours and then headed home to wash our hands and feet and off to bed :) Brooklin kept telling me, "this is the best carnival day ever!"

The next Miss Mesquite...

This weekend was Mesquite Days and that meant we got to watch the parade Saturday morning and hit the carnival later on! Nick let the kids ride in the old fire truck at the beginning of the parade but Mason opted out to stay with mom and catch candy! And he made a haul and was so excited to pick up every single piece! Brooklin made her parade debut at the beginning and the end by riding in the cop car and Mason had to jump in too!

*mason sat in there for a min and decided he didn't want to ride but b did great*

*practicing her queen wave*

*my little princess*

*so excited he got some candy*

*riding in the cop car*

Apr 22, 2010

the S word...

SHOTS!!!! You'd think Brooklin was getting beat to death everytime we said this word, she seriously would bust into hysterics! Kindergarten round-up is just around the corner and she needed a few immunizations to be all ready to go. So I've been prepping her and finally this week, she was brave about the whole situation. Well yesterday the clinic called and we had to switch our appt cuz Dr. Mehta is leaving and it was her last day :( Anyhow, so I had to prep her up into seeing Jeff Wright (Abbee's dad) so she was ok with that...
So we get there and she does great for him and she's in the 90% of her height and weight, growing like a weed. Then the ladies come in and she starts freaking out and everything was out the door we'd been working on all week. But all in all she did great and now she's all ready to start school!
Mason also got caught up and had to have 3 shots - he kept telling me, "I'll be brave mom." He was until he felt that first shot!!! Afterwards he said, "That hurt mom!"

*just a fun pic of my little man*

*waiting for the dr to come in*

*what a little chicken head*

*before the shots - listening to hannah montana*

*after the shots - not too happy*

**Just a side note**
We are going to miss Dr. Mehta so much. She has taken care of both Brooklin and Mason since they were born. She's been so good to us and has taken a few weekend calls from us. Good Luck in your next adventure -- you'll do GrEaT work!

Apr 21, 2010

swimming lessons...

It's about that time again.... Kirstin and I are planning on doing lessons again like we did last year - tuesday thru friday! We will be starting them a little later in June due to a FAMILY VACATION :) But planning on the first session starting June 22. They will be 2 week sessions and 30-45 mins, depending on the age of the child. We will start them at 3 yrs old and up....
Please leave me a comment or call me and I'll get your name on a list - I'll keep you updated if anything changes!

Apr 20, 2010


Today we headed to Zion with Kasey & Meridee... Mason and I went, Brooklin opted to stay home and go to school cuz she didn't want to walk! My parents met us up there too, we ate lunch at a cute little place and then started our big journey to the lower emerald pool... it was a whole .6 mile - we don't want to out do ourselves!
Mason did great and walk part of the time and rode in the stroller, he loved jumping in all the puddles. It was perfect weather for a little hike today!
I don't think I had been to Zion since my senior year in hs, we should take advantage more often since it's so close!

SpLaSh PaD...

Saturday we went to St. George and had lunch at Pizza Factory and then took the kids to the splash pad. It was a gorgeous day and everyone in St. George thought it would be a good idea to go to the park too! We had to have an early celebration for Jackson's 2nd birthday... HaPpY BiRtHdAy Buddy - we've had fun playing with you all weekend!

*kasey gave b $2 if she'd run thru the middle of the big fountain*

Apr 8, 2010

I'm a SuNsHiNe girl... (super long post)

So for Easter this year we headed north.. Every year the Fullmer's get together the Saturday before Easter for a big hunt with the whole family. This year it was our year to be in charge and Grandma Karen canceled Thursday on our way up due to cold weather. So with that news we decided to head to Tremonton and stay with Kasey & Meridee since my parents were already up there along with Mason! Man, it is a ways up there... it took forever and once we arrived it was snowing! I'm so not a snow girl, I love my sunshine :)
The girls went shopping in Logan on Friday while the guys took the kids golfing! A great story from golfing... Nick went across the fairway to hit his ball, leaving Mason in the cart with the key - well needless to say, Mason took off in the cart just laughing and having a hayday. Nick took off after him and everyone had a good laugh! Wish we had that on video!!!

*jackson & mason in their camo jammies*

*mason * addi*

*sweet little addi*

*brooklin * addi (with her caterpillar from b)*

Saturday we headed down to South Jordan for a little get together at Grandma Gerry's. The kids had a little egg hunt and the adults ate yummy treats and visited for a bit.

*hiding eggs in snow???*

*my little egg hunter*

*brooklin * cole*

The girls had Kylee's bridal shower that evening at Vicki's house. It was so much fun and she got a ton of awesome gifts! Her wedding colors are pink and black so it was themed with those colors and everyone did a great job!

Saturday night we all stayed at Kathleen and Shane's, we had a big ole party! We colored eggs and then went to bed so the easter bunny could visit. It felt like christmas eve since it was snowing all night! When we woke up the bunny had scattered eggs all over the house and sent us on a scavenger hunt to find our baskets! We ate yummy breakfast and then packed up. We stopped at Grandpa Gene and Grandma Karen's and then hit the road!
We had a great weekend despite the cold and snow. It was fun to visit and see family!

*alyssa * megan * kathleen * skylee*

*the finished product*

*easter baskets*

*gpa gene * steph*

*grandpa's championship belt*

Apr 6, 2010

*Early Easter*

We were headed north for Easter this year so my parents had a little easter egg hunt a week early. We had a nice dinner and then let the kids hunt eggs. It was so funny, everytime Mason found an egg he'd say, "Here you are egg!" All of these eggs were filled with money so both kids ended up with a few bucks! Thanks for baskets filled with lots of goodies Grandma & Grandpa!!