Feb 27, 2010

Kirstin's Birthday + Colbie Caillet =

a night filled with good food, laughs, girls, music & some great memories!
Kirstin celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday and we had to party it up in style. (Back in Dec we got Colbie Caillet tickets) So we started off at Pizza Factory for dinner and then off to the concert.. We had a blast and we were on the 2nd row!! We had the funniest guy sitting in front of us singing right along to all the songs, he was jammin -- it was like we got 2 shows for the price of 1 :) After the show, Colbie walked along the stage and shook hands... so we touched her! She was adorable and I want her hair!! We headed to Kirstin's for yummy cake and ice cream - thanks momma kaye for the dessert!

*kirstin * leigh * ashley*


*kirst almost got in a pic with her*

Thanks Kirst for being such an AwEsOmE sister and friend. I love you soooo much and I'm so blessed to have you in my life. You are such an example to me in so many ways. My kids adore you and are lucky to have the BeStEsT Auntie in the world :) I hope you had a great birthday and thanks for letting your older sis hang out to celebrate!

(these pics were taken in hawaii... wish we were back on the beach but not in the tsunami)

Feb 25, 2010

a few faces....

of my silly little Mason!

The garden is in....

I got the garden all planted, just waiting to get some tomato plants in! We made some cute little signs this year to remember where we put everything.. Brooklin did all the chalking around the edges and was quite proud of herself - I think they turned out GrEaT!

Feb 18, 2010


Tuesday night we went bowling with Kasey, Meridee & Jackson - that was Brooklin's birthday present from them. We had a great time but it was too late for us. We had to wait until 8:30 cuz of the leagues. The kids had a good time - Mason wanted the green ball which weighed 11 lbs but he used it and Brooklin wanted the pink ball and she threw it down the lane each time. Thanks for a fun night... (i need to get more pics off my mom's camera)
Oh yeah, Mason loved his shoes and wanted to keep them :)

Feb 16, 2010

LoViN' the PaRk

Today I was watching Sam & Ava so for lunch we met Grandma, Meridee, Jackson & Ava at the park! We had a pizza party and let the kiddos play for a bit. As we pulled up Josie and Max were there so we made them stay and play with us! What a great day to be living in the sunshine :)

100 mile trip

Monday the guys took the kids on a 100 mile 4 wheel ride... The kids did great and enjoyed being outside, looking for deer! They left around 8 am and didn't get back until 6ish -- they made a day of it.

Since the guys went 4 wheeling, Meridee and my mom headed to St. George to shop -- I had to work but met them later that evening to hit a couple stores with them. And the best part was eating dinner at Cafe Rio :)

Samuri 21

This past weekend Kasey, Meridee, Jackson & Addi came for a visit! On Saturday night we decided to head to dinner with the family and chose Samuri 21.. Brooklin wanted shrimp and wanted to watch the fire (she loves that place)! The kids loved it and the food was pretty good too...

*mason trying to catch the shrimp in his mouth*

*mason * papa*

*brooklin finally got her shrimp*

*meridee * kasey * jackson * brooklin*

Feb 11, 2010

SiLLy GiRLs :)

Brooklin loves to have Ashlyn come play because they get to do all the girlie things - they play barbies, pet shop, sing, dance, play with jewelry and lipstick!!!! They had a party at school and got these cute lip whistle things so I couldn't pass up a picture!

~HeArT wALk~

Today was the annual heart walk - we walk from the rec center to the hospital! This year we brought up the rear... too many kids to keep track of and I had a broken stroller that wouldn't stay up. Good times!!! It was the perfect day to be out walking. Thanks for the company ladies :)

*our little group*

*my kiddos had it easy (b did ride her scooter part of the way)*

*shannon * margo*

*the kids running under the bridge*

*kate * hailey * brooklin * mason*

**ThAnKs papa mike for the ride home**

Feb 9, 2010

crafty star

So I've been wanting to make one of these forever... I finally did it today and it was super easy! I love it :)

DaNcE pArTy

Today we brought Brady home with us after preschool. The kids started out on the trampoline and then it started to barely sprinkle and they came in the house. How do you entertain 2 five year old kiddos and 1 two (almost three) year old? You bust out the kareoke machine!!!