May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a very low key day! My aunt and her family from Alaska came down for a visit, they got there Sunday and staying until Thursday. So we headed to the rec center to swim in the early afternoon, ate some lunch and headed down to the river. Later that evening Sharley and her family were headed home to Utah and stopped for a visit. The kids had a great time swimming and playing with each other. Thanks for all the yummy food this weekend mom!



*steph * marianne * sharley*

*brooklin * ansley*

*rex * brooklin*

It was so much fun having my aunt and her family down for visit. Brooklin and Mason loved playing with Rex and Quinn. We only get to see them every couple years so we're lucky they would want to spend their vacation with us!! Thanks for the FUN couple of days...

*Splash pad*

Nick took Friday off and had a blast with the kiddos. There's a new splash pad in town and he let them test it out! They LOVED it and then they ate lunch at McDonald's and headed home for a nap!

May 16, 2009

It's the pits...

to have allergies - my poor little Brooklin has had the allergies passed down to her :( We went to watch the fireworks tonight and when we got home this is what my poor little girl looked like. It's no fun! She looks soooo sad, doesn't she?

4 wheelers + the river = FUN, FUN, FUN

We had some great fun today.. we loaded up the 4 wheelers and headed to the sand gates for a few hours! It was a nice, hot, sunny day in Mesquite so the water felt perfect! We found a great place to chill, the kiddos played in the water, had a picnic and didn't get sunburned to badly :)
Thanks for the invite - it was a great time!!! Let's do it again soon :)

*B & momma*

*the gang*

*brooklin getting brave!*

*the cutest girl around*

*the cutest boy around*

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick's birthday was on Friday and we didn't do much.. we did go swimming at the rec center and he went and saw Star Trek with his brother. We had a pizza party Thurs night cuz my grandparents were in town! He got a battery charger from my parents and I got him a plane ticket to Washington DC next month. His sister is back in the FBI academy and he wanted to go back for her graduation. So I surprised him and he'll get to tour around with his nephews, sister and brother in-law!

*pics will be coming once i get them off my mom's camera*

Some random pics...

Just a few random pics of the kiddos... Kasey and his family has moved up to Tremonton, UT this weekend. He is the new head basketball coach at the high school and will be teaching business. We're sad to see little Jackson move so far away, Brooklin and Mason just love him! Good Luck up north... we won't be visiting in the winter time :)

*Brooklin * Kasey * Jackson*

*Mason cruisin around the circle*

*What a sweet little man*

Mesquite Days Parade

Brooklin, Mason and my mom got to ride in the big FiRe TrUcK for the parade. They were super excited and had a blast!!! They got to throw candy and wave to all their friends..

Baking CoOkieS with Grandma

While mom's away, the kiddos shall play... I think the kids had more fun than I did that weekend I was gone. Grandma helped them bake cookies for Uncle Robbie's birthday! They love helping me in the kitchen when I'm baking something - Brooklin thinks she is the best at cracking if you get anything from us, watch out for shells :)

Brooklin's Gymnastics Show

I'm playing catch up!!! The weekend I left for Cali, Brooklin had a gymnastics show. She's been going for the last few months and loves it! She loves doing cartwheels and is quite good at them. She loves the bars and walking on the beam! We're so proud of B for the little gymnast you've become! Keep up the GrEaT work...

May 11, 2009

~HaPpY 30th BiRthDaY to ME~

I had to stay up until midnight to get my birthday started with a piece of chocolate coke cake (yeah at midnight.. it's my day, I can do it)! I just wanted to prove to everyone that a 30 yr old can stay up late - now I'm going to bed :)

I had to post a pic of my presents... I've been wanting a new vacuum for awhile and Nick got me an ipod docking station and a printer, along with these flowers!

May 10, 2009

HaPPy MoMMa'S dAy!

I just want to wish you a fabulous day MOM... thanks for being YOU and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. I love you!!!
I also want to wish the other women in my life a Happy Mother's Day.. there are so many ladies out there who are important to me and i love you too!!

*I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me MoM*

I love these two more than I could possibly imagine! I'm soooo blessed to be their MoMmA :)

SuRpriSe... it's a PaRTy!

Nick got 2 thumbs up on Friday night for pulling off a sweet surprise party for me. I guess it had been in the works for about a month or so and I had no idea... I started getting a bit suspicious but really not sure what was going on. It was at Wolf Creek and he went all out... balloons, cake, lots of FuN people and the best ribs around - what more can a girl ask for when she's turning the big 3-0!
I'm going to list the people who attended just so I have it for myself.. Randon & Christina Potter, Shannon & Rocki Leavitt, Jeremy & Chrissy Woods, Blue & Julz Lee, Chad & Staci Frei, Kyle & Christine Memmott, Rich & Shonde Bohne, Robbie Montoya, Lonnie & Robin Dalton. And of course the fam.. mom & dad, Kasey & Meridee, Kirstin!
ThAnKs for all who attended to make this a special night and a big SHOUT OUT to Nick for making everything happen! It was a great night to celebrate turning 30!

(pics to come... waiting to get them off Kirstin's camera)

May 4, 2009

CaLi TriP ~ sunday

The sun decided to shine on Sunday so guess where we headed? Yep, back to the beach! First we took a detour thru Beverly Hills to see if we could spot any celebs but we didn't!
So it was on to bigger and better things...Santa Monica Beach! When we first got there it was overcast so we didn't do the suit thing again but after a few hours of basking in the sun we decided to play a little volleyball and then test the water! It was freezing cold. We were all crispy red but who wants to leave the beach and head for home? Not me, I could've stayed for another hour or so but we had to get back to real life.
We left the beach at 3 and got home around 8:30pm :( A huge ThAnKs for making my birthday weekend such a good one! I had a great time ladies....

CaLi TriP ~ saturday

Once again we were able to sleep in until 9ish and today was supposed to be a BeAcH day. Well it decided to be overcast and not a very nice beach day but we still headed to Santa Monica and walked around the pier. We ate at Bubba Gump's and I got totally embarrassed by a musical number which the waitress wanted me to dance too...
As we walked into the resturant, Dennis Rodman was walking out! We hung out on the pier and watched a few crazy guys dance and then we headed to the sand... Oh how I love the beach :) We stayed fully clothed, too coldy for a swimming suit today! We watched some beach volleyball, people ride their bikes, and decided to head for Universal Studios since the sun wasn't shining!


*bubba gumps*

*my birthday treat*

*crazy guy dancing (wannabe beegee)*


*check out this move*

*smile girls*


*this is how the tourists lay out*

*steph * chrissy*

*leigh * kirstin*

We went to a movie at Universal, the ghosts of girlfriends past. Afterwards we walked around the City Walk for a bit and then went to eat at Hard Rock. The excitement for the evening was Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus was up on the balcony! So we had to wait forever to get a table but Kirstin and Chrissy thought it was worth the wait. We got seated upstairs and once they took us to the table, Billy walked in.. so those 2 chased him down for a pic ~ don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart!

*oh billy*

*my birthday glasses*

After dinner we went back to our room and relaxed :)