Apr 26, 2009

~Mesquite Days~

We managed to survive another Mesquite Days carnival. Luckily the weather finally cooperated for us by Saturday afternoon and we were able to enjoy the rides without wind! The kiddos loved the rides and their favorite was probably the little obstacle course with the big slide at the end. I even got suckered on going on the Strawberry ride that turns around in circles (yuck)! But we all survived and then it was on the the ferris wheel. Brooklin wasn't too sure about this one until she got going and then loved it. It helped that Alley and Ashlyn went along with us... We also enjoyed a funnel cake, tornado twister and the kids had a corndog! It was a great night and we all slept quite well :)

*The strawberry ride*

*Mason * Olivia Charles*

*Brooklin with her friends*

*Go faster (that's what B kept saying)*

*The merry go round*

*Ashlyn * Steph*

*Alley * Nick * Brooklin*

*Mason going down the big slide*

*walking on the crazy bridge*

*The crew on the fire engine*

*Swimming Lessons*

I've had a lot of people ask me about swimming lessons and I'm happy to say that Kirstin and I are both going to do them this year! We will be tag teaming it this year :)
We are planning on starting them mid June - the cost will be $40 this year and that will consist of 8 lessons 45 mins long. The 3 yr. old classes will be $30 and will be 30 mins long.
Please leave me a comment with your info and I will touch base with you when we get things figured out!

Apr 23, 2009

Bring on the 90 degree weather...

We are ready for summer... not really but it's going to be here in full force before we know it! It's been quite warm this week and the kids were ready to run through the sprinklers today. Brooklin was so excited to get her swimming suit on and Mason wasn't too sure about wearing the suit without the diaper. He was hilarious, he kept pulling his suit down and checking to see what was going on down there...I was laughing so hard! We can't wait for grandpa to get the pool ready - hint hint :)

FiNaLLy the garden is growing... (kind of)

Our poor little garden is finally starting to produce! I didn't think the lettuce was going to make it but it had a come back and we enjoyed some on our hamburgers tonight! The tomatoes are looking fab and hopefully we'll to start eating them soon. We also have a few squash or zuchinni starting to pop up!

Apr 22, 2009

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy JaCkSoN

I can't believe Jackson is already a year old! He had a little party at the park so we headed to Hurricane to help celebrate. The kiddos loved playing at the park and running around. We love you Jacks and can't believe how big you are getting :)

Apr 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I can't believe the weekend is already over! We went to church with grandma this morning, Kirstin volunteered to stay home with grandpa and Mason. After church we packed up, went to say good-bye to Gma Karen & Gpa Gene then we were finally on the road... it was a fun weekend and it was great to see everyone!

Hannah Montana :)

Saturday night the girls decided to go see HaNNaH MoNtAnA! I had my doubts about the movie but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.. Brooklin loved it and she was soooo excited. After the movie all she could say was, "Mom Thanks, that was so awesome!" The girls included myself, Brooklin, Kirstin, Jodie, Haylie and Jaycee! Thanks girls for a FUN night :)

~Winters Easter Egg Hunt~

It was fun to have a little get together at Gma & Gpa's Saturday night. They need a bigger house... we had a lot of people in there but it was a great time! The kids had fun looking for eggs out in the backyard and Mason slept this hunt out - he was so tired! We had some yummy food, great conversation and lots of pictures! Brooklin was so excited to play with Cole and I don't think she left his side the entire night!

*Brooklin * Cole*

~Fullmer Easter Egg Hunt~

This year we were lucky enough to be in town for the annual easter egg hunt! It's always fun to get together the extended family and visit with long lost cousins and catch up with each other. It was an overcast day with just a few sprinkles as everyone was leaving! The kids had a blast hunting eggs and they both made a haul. Brooklin and Ansley were buddies the entire time we were there! It seems just like yesterday, I was out in the orchard looking for eggs! It was so fun to see everyone!!

*Going down the slide*

*Shanna * Steph * Tristyn* (2nd cousins)

*Eating lunch*

*Ans & B hunting eggs*

*Ansley * Brooklin*

*My sweet girl*

*Grandpa Gene * Kirstin*

Apr 8, 2009

The BuNnY found us early!

The Easter Bunny found us a week early! We are going to be in Utah over Easter weekend and we didn't know if he'd find us up there. I think the kiddos were quite surprised when they woke up Sunday morning and found a few treats in the front room! The bunny left their goodies in cute wheelbarrows this year. They also got fixed up with some summer clothes which were much needed!
We can't wait for the egg hunts, I think we'll be hitting the big Fullmer hunt and the Winters' one! We are excited to see and visit with family this weekend :)