Oct 21, 2007

Corn Maze

Yesterday we went to the corn maze and had a wonderful family outing. We went with Shaners, Potters, and Hansens.. it was fun to watch the kiddos. We went through a petting zoo, the kids rode a cow train, went down slides and rode a tractor to the maze and the pumpkin patch. Brooklin picked out 2 pumpkins and they were both green -- out of all the pumpkins to choose from.
Mason is 7 months old today -- we discovered he loves mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving should be fun! He his scooting himself everywhere and starting to explore into everything if he can reach it. He is such a little man but he's so good! We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our home. Brooklin just loves being the little mother to him. One of these days, he'll be beating her up.

Oct 15, 2007

Coke and Peanut M&M's

There's nothing better than a nice cold Coke and peanut M&M's to make you feel better. We are trying to sale our house and we're having a tour tomorrow--so it needs to be cleaned real bad! I have a lot to do before 8:30 tomorrow morning! We like our little home but we thought we should try getting into something a little bigger while we can.
Anyhow, I best be getting to work -- the kids are down for a nap and I have no excuse to not clean!

Oct 13, 2007

Go Bears!!

Nick is a Chicago Bears fan and Brooklin got her jersey last year (from Joe). I found Mason's at good ole Walmart. I think they look so cute..
Anyhow, not much has gone on. I'm celebrating my 10 year class reunion. I can't believe it's been a decade. The families sat together at the ballgame and it was so nice to see everyone. We are having a dinner for the adults at Hafen's Ranch tonight.
We are getting ready for Halloween and just got done making our cards. I will have to post a pic because they turned out cute. (I saw these on another blog and had to copy them)!
I'm so thankful that I'm able to be a mom to these 2 great kids. I love them to death and they make me so happy. I can be in a bad mood and Brooklin will come and say the funniest thing or want to give me a hug and I can't help but smile and be happy. Mason is starting to scoot around and I love it when I'm in the other room and he starts scooting for me and he's starting t reach for me when I get home. I don't think Nick enjoys him being a momma's boy - he thinks I'm making him a softy! I love this time of year and it seems like a time for reflecting and what we are thankful for.