Oct 10, 2016

long overdue...


We were in need of some new family pics!
So we decided to set some up while Kirst was 
home. We had Amey Snow from Storybook Studios 
take them up at Red Cliffs Recreation area.
It ended up being windy that night so I wasn't 
sure how they were going to turn out. 
She worked her magic and I think they turned out
wonderful!!!! Thanks so much Amey!

grandma's bday


Momma's birthday fell on a Saturday... 
We had a swim meet in Hurricane and the girls
(Kirst, grandma and myself) snuck out early to
get massages and eat lunch at Kayenta!!!
It was a fabulous day....
We had dinner and dessert at Grandma and Grandpa's house
and then opened presents! She got some fun stuff, a book of 
memories, a new muumuu from Ecuador, a trip to Cancun!
We are so blessed to have this lady in our lives,
she is pretty special and one of a kind!!!