Jan 30, 2014

my baby is 9 years old

Brooklin was bummed we were stuck driving home
on her actual birthday but she was missing school so
it was a win/win situation! We woke up and got packed
up and headed to Kneader's for breakfast. We walked around
City Creek for a little bit and then got on the road!
We stayed in St. George to watch Jackson play basketball
and then picked up pizza and an ice cream cake.
Dad and Mason met us at my parents and Kasey and
the kids came over to help us celebrate!

Brooklin you are growing up way too fast but I'm excited
to see where you're going to venture in life! 
You are such a joy to have around most of the time, I'm 
afraid the sassy, attitude side is starting to come out
a little more!! You are doing well in school and working
really hard to get that math grade up! You're still doing well 
in all the sports you participate in and I'm loving the competitive
drive you have. It will take you far if you stay dedicated to 
your goal! You have a contagious smile and your smile
lights up a room! You love going to achievement days
and you're a fantastic artist! I love you Brooklin!!!

Jan 24, 2014

let's get this party started....

Yes, it's Monday and we've been waiting for this 
day since Oct - it's the P!nk concert!!!
Mom was babysitting Gpa today so we headed 
to the mall so B could spend her bday money!
She wanted to buy converse so that's what we did..
We walked around the mall and got lunch at Noodles & Co
and then walked around Scheel's for a bit.
We dropped B off to Gma and chilled for a while and 
then it was time to get ourselves ready!!!
The concert was AMAZING, she rocked it!
It was probably the best concert I've been too,
very personable and real, she was doing all kinds
of acrobats and sang the entire time. If she got tired,
her back up singers took over and she joined in when
she was ready! Her encore was the coolest thing ever...
can't really top flying through the audience doing flips 
and singing So What????
We were able to see one of my oldest friends,
 Brittany and her mom Beth. It was fun to visit 
with them a little bit before the concert.
We missed the opening act to stand in line for 
shirts and a poster!!
It was such a fun night and I'm so happy I was
 able to spend some quality time with my sis :)

spoiled girl got katy perry tickets
for her bday!

We finally saw P!nk and she
did not disappoint one bit!!!

happy 70th birthday!

Sunday was Grandma Karen's 70th birthday!!!
She looks so awesome and still is spunky as ever!
We had dinner at their house and watched the
football game (49er's lost)... we had a little
fun and made them wear mustaches!!!

Afterwards we went to visit our most favorite friends
in the whole world... The Whitings! We also met
Kirstin's friend Carlos and Kathleen played with 
his hair.... so funny!!! And Kirstin reenacted her dance
moves from when she was 5 yrs old and woke up with 
whiplash the next morning!!!!

ice castles

We had heard about the ice castles in Midway so 
that was our next destination!
It was dark by this point and super busy, we
had to wait an hour to even get in and it
was cold! It was pretty cool to check everything
out - they make their own icicles and make these
castles. They also have colored lights to give it 
some color which was cool. Our feet were so cold,
we had boots on but not snow boots. B was not having 
fun and was done... so we went out while mom and Kirst
went thru the maze and finished looking at it.
We finally got warm and headed back to Salt Lake 
to have soup and salad at Olive Garden!!