Sep 29, 2013

5k walk....

Saturday morning I walked a 5k
with Andrea, Jenna and Colette!
We had so much fun even if we
were the last ones to cross the 
finish line! It was the perfect 
morning for a walk and it was
for a great cause - to raise money
for a kid in need of a new kidney!

homecoming - 100 yrs of VVHS

It was homecoming this week at the
high school and also celebrating
100 years of VVHS being a school!
We missed out on most of the activities 
in the evenings due to the kids being involved
in other activities! But we did make it to the
game on Thurs and Fri night... We missed the
parade on Sat due to soccer games!

the boys sitting on the bench at half time

punt, pass & kick

It's that time of year again...
punt, pass and kick!
The kids were really excited to compete
and Mason was super happy
he was old enough to 
participate this year!!!
Both kids did well and 
I'm proud of them!!! 
Brooklin took 1st in 8-9 yr old girls
Mason took 2nd in 6-7 yr old boys
(his buddy Rylan took 1st)
Brooklin will compete in St. George on
Oct 26th and if she wins there we
will head to San Fran again!!!

stay strong Ethan!

One day this week kids were
supposed to wear their Ethan
shirts if they had one.
Well Mason didn't have one
so we improvised!!!
We don't know Ethan that well
but we want him and his family
to know that we are in his corner
fighting and praying for him!!!

pro baseball clinic

The kids were really excited to attend
the pro baseball clinic again this year!
The long drive is in town and they had
gotten a few of the ex baseball players to 
put on a clinic for the kids!

hopscotch queen

You're lookin at the new
 hopscotch champion!!!
Great job Brooklin...

i (dislike) picture day...

I really hate picture day...
I hate agreeing on an outfit and
how the hair will be and what
package to pick....
This year was no different!
Although, we didn't argue about
outfits and I must've been
in a good mood cuz B left
with a side pony... Just what
she wanted!!!!

These 2 have been trying my patience lately
and I'm sure they think I'm the meanest mom ever.
But I'm having a hard time finding what works
with discipline when they don't listen or fight or
don't clean up.... somedays I'm at a loss!
But I still love them to pieces and 
they do look pretty cute!!!

GNO's are the BeSt!!!

It had been awhile since we had officially
had a girls night so we had to make it happen!
We definitely know how to have
a good time and make our own fun
in this little town of boring!!!
The night started at Playoff's for dinner
and then we went to Eureka and played
bingo -- no one was lucky that night!
We had to tag along and help Juwlz
shop for Capri's birthday...
Walmart here we come!!!

Sep 15, 2013

we love the river...

Saturday was such a nice day, the sun
was shining and we were drenched in
sweat after the soccer games!
What better way to cool off than to 
head to the muddy river???
We went out to Beaver Dam under the
freeway - the river was flowing so
we found a little stream the kids 
could play in and not get washed away!
Of course, we always have an adventure
and Nick got the truck stuck trying to 
cross but managed to get out after
a few tries (B was freaking out the
entire time)!!!!
We even built a little dam and the
kids had fun looking for different
rocks. It was the perfect way to
cool off on a hot, sunny day!