Jun 26, 2013

swim meet #2

The swim meet was in Fredonia this weekend.
It just worked out that Becca Lunt was getting
married that Friday in Kanab - so we went to the
wedding Fri evening and ended up staying
at their house that night!
The wedding was very nice and it was fun
to see Becca and meet her new hubby, Kerry!
They had an awesome dutch oven dinner too.
We went and saw Monsters U at the little
theater in town - so cheap!! $22 for tickets
and $7 for popcorn and 4 drinks!!!

The swim meet went well and both kids did
awesome!! I'm so proud of these 2 kiddos, they
always do their best and work hard!
The pool was shorter than most pools so the 
times were much better. 
Brooklin took 1st in 
the butterfly, freestyle and IM. I think her 
relay teams took 2nd or 3rd. 
Mason took 1st in freestyle and backstroke and 
2nd in breast stroke. His relay teams took 4th.
On the way home we stopped to visit 
grandma and grandpa and had dinner 
at Cafe Rio!!!!

Jun 16, 2013

happy father's day

We did our Fathers Day celebration
Saturday after the swim meet!
We had a yummy lunch and
homemade ice cream!!!
I'm so thankful for the men
in my life...
I'm not sure where I'd be without my
dad - he hasn't always agreed with my 
decisions but has always been there when
I needed him. I will always have his back
and will stand by his side no matter what..
I love you dad!!!

I'm thankful for Nick and for being the 
best dad for these 2 monkeys!!!
We love him to pieces...

I'm thankful for my brother and his
family - so happy they are a little
closer to us now! Brooklin and Mason
love their uncle kasey!!!

Kasey is such a good sport!

we {heart} the river

What better way to cool off
than heading to the river???
And a little river football????

swim meet #1

And so it begins, the summer
filled with swim meets!!!
But the kids did awesome and
 I'm so proud of both of them.
My parents and Kasey and his
 family came down to cheer on 
the kids so that was fun!

Mason did awesome for his first
meet - even attempted the butterfly
and did great!

Freestyle relay: 1:42 (3)
25 yd backstroke: 32.37 (1)
25 yd breast stroke: 41.69 (3)
Medley relay: 2:14 (3)
25 yd freestyle: 30.56 (3)

Brooklin also had a great meet!!!

Freestyle relay: 1:36 (1)
25 yd butterfly: 24.35 (1)
25 yd breast stroke: 26.75 (1)
Medley Relay: 2:02 (1)
25 yd freestyle: 21.35 (1)