May 25, 2013

vves triathlon

Brooklin participated in the 
annual triathlon on Thurs (23rd)!
She placed in the top 20 but
struggled on the scooters.
She did great and finished so
I'm super proud of her!

Mason was mad he didn't get to
compete but the kindergartners
were able to come over and swim!!
 Next year buddy....

little league/coach pitch

Brooklin really enjoyed playing
little league this year.
She played on the Eureka team
and usually played 3rd base
and once in awhile she'd pitch.
She also had some great hits!

Mason played coach pitch this season
and had a blast! His main goal
was to get a homerun at each bat!
He has a great arm and can't wait
to watch more baseball!!!

what happens in vegas....

stays in vegas!!!!
I had a con ed down in Vegas
May 18-19 and I was staying over
so we made it a girls trip!
They were able to enjoy the pool, 
sleeping in and the gourmet breakfast...
Juwlz, Robin, Megan and Chrissy
drove down Sat and layed by the 
pool while I sat in class til 6.
We went to dinner at the Pink Taco
and then headed to Ceasar's for
cheesecake and a little shopping!

We stayed up talking and then 
played musical beds for a few hours...
Let's just say, next time 
everyone will take a sleep test
before staying over in my room!!!
It was a fun 24 hours ladies,
thanks for joining me :)

piano recital

Brooklin has been taking private
piano lessons from Angela this
past year and she did great! 
It was a struggle to get her to 
practice but she caught on and
started to enjoy it!
Her recital song was,
Rhino in the Mud

May 22, 2013

father and sons/nick's bday

The weekend of my birthday the
boys headed off to father and sons,
they took Decker Lee with them too!
They had fun camping out with all their 
buddies, getting dirty and doing
whatever boys do when they're outdoors!

max & aj hughes, decker, mason

Nick's 39th birthday fell on a Wed and
it was a busy one at that!
 We did manage to squeeze dinner in
at Playoffs before Mason's ballgame.
After the game we had ice cream
at home - no candle blowing out
or anything.... I didn't even get 
any pics! Hopefully he'll get lots
of use out of his new cooler, 
swimming suit!!!

b playing happy birthday on the iPad

May 14, 2013

mothers day

We celebrated mothers day 
Saturday with my mom cuz
they didn't want to drive down
on Sunday!! 
The kids and Nick made me breakfast
in bed Sunday morning and then
gave me their home-made cards
and a little ipod shuffle.
We had carne asada for dinner
and I even got a nap!!!
I'm so thankful that I'm able to 
be a mom to 2 awesome kiddos!
I love them so very much even though
this past week has been a rough one
and I'm sure they want a new mom!!!
They make me so happy and I'm so
proud of both of them!
And I'm so thankful for my mom and
all the other women who have been
great examples to me in motherhood!

34 years young...

My birthday was on Saturday (11th)
so I decided to start early!!
Brooklin and I headed to St. George
Friday night since Nick and Mason
had a father and sons camp out.
We hit Swig on our way into town,
went shopping and had 
dinner at Red Robin.
We stopped and rented some movies
 to watch at gma and gpa's house.
Saturday morning Grandpa took
us to breakfast at Kneaders
which was quite delish!
The french toast was the bomb!
Then the girls went shopping 
and we just hung out and then
hit Cafe Rio later in the day!
Mom made me my yummy
raspberry cake to bring home! 
I got money, cleats, and few other
little things for my gifts!

look who we found :)

May 13, 2013

may showers

We had a down pour last week
and the kids got caught in it
coming out of school.
Then we got caught in it
on our evening run/bike ride!!