Jul 29, 2012

swimming finals

Friday morning we headed to Cedar City
for the swimming finals. We walked into the
pool and it was full of people everywhere!
There were around 400 swimmers from 
7 different teams - crazy!
It was such a long day, each race had
3-5 heats and it seemed to drag on
since there were so many swimmers
competing. The swimmers had to 
come in the top 8 to move on to 
Saturday for the championships!
Brooklin was swimming the butterfly,
backstroke and freestyle plus the 
freestyle and IM relay!
She was debating whether or not to 
compete in the IM and she decided
 on the backstroke - I was hoping she'd
do the IM but the pool was longer in Cedar
and she said she'd get tired!!! (she maybe 
a little stubborn)
She made it to the finals in the butterfly,
coming in 3rd out of 19. She came
in 13th out of 37 for the backstroke 
and 7th out of 34 in the freestyle.
The relay team did awesome -
taking 3rd out of 9 in the IM relay
and taking 7th out of 10 in the freestyle.
(noting they beat both their times
from the previous week)
Brooklin did improve her times on 
Saturday for both events she did -
Butterfly= 27:24 (4)
Freestyle= 21.72 (7)

I'm so proud of you Brooklin!
You did amazing in all your events
and did your best each time you swam!
All the swimmers that competed did
AWESOME and it was so fun cheering
them all on!!! I'm hooked on swimming
and I can't wait for next year :)

awesome relay team - tyra, brooklin, jordan, alley

the girls getting ready to race...

in the bullpen

b would've rather just played in the sand rather than swim!

future olympian photo shoot

aunt kirstie surprised b for her last race! she was soooo happy!

all smiles!

We were at the meet until 9:30pm and we were all starving!
We tried one place and they were closed so IHOP it was...
Us, Ludvigson's, Tobler's, Memmott's and Riviera's
invaded the back room at IHOP! 
Good Times....

I think we finally made it to bed by 11:30pm - it was a long 
day/night and the next day started way too early.
Warm-up's started at 7:00 and the meet was ready
to go by 8:00 but it went quick!
Thanks grandpa and Kirst for making the trip
to Cedar to watch Brooklin!

good luck balloons from auntie kirst!

pep talk from dad

announcing her name!

Mason was such a trooper! He went swimming on Fri
and then once all the kids found the sand box, that was 
the hang out!

Jul 21, 2012

swim meet #4

Another Saturday has come and gone
and that means another swim meet 
has come and gone...
Brooklin was so excited to have
Kasey, Meridee, Jackson and Addi 
come and watch her!
Uncle Matt and his crew even stopped
by to see the first relay before
going to Salt Lake!
Brooklin did awesome again, 
I'm so proud of her and how hard
she has been working!

25m Butterfly= 28.27 (1)
25m IM= 2:21.65 (1)
25m Freestyle= 21.72 (1)
100m Freestyle Relay= 1:47.55 (1)
100m IM Relay= 2:03.13 (1)

he's such a trooper!

alley, tyra, brooklin, ashlyn

relay team - tyra, brooklin, emma, alley

Jul 16, 2012

just dance 3

What to do when it's 
raining outside???
We play Just Dance 3!!!
(don't judge - I have ZERO rhythm)

b is sooo serious!!!

lovin' the rain!

We've had some good 
down pours the last 
few days! 
Mason loved riding through
all the puddles!

she heard thunder!!!

b spotted the rainbow!