Nov 14, 2010

4-peat ChAmPiOnS

This year Nick coached the 6th grade boys - he's had this team since they were in 3rd grade and they have won the championship game every year! They had a great year, going undefeated once again and defeating Desert Hills in the championship game 18-0. This year the game was at the Hansen Stadium at Dixie State College so that was an awesome experience for the boys.
Way to go BoYs and great job coaches!!!!!
Brooklin loved holding the banners

touchdown Dawgs!

Game Over 18-0

Check out Mason, holding up the 4-peat fingers!
Rich * Nick * Josh

B loved going to practice and cheering for the boys

i just love this little guy

Papa and Mason

Nov 10, 2010

weekend visit...

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have a visit from Aunt Marianne and Uncle Rick. They came down to Vegas for the week and spent the weekend in Mesquite. Saturday the boys went golfing and my mom and Marianne went to the spa - we had a nice visit and the kids loved seeing Aunt Marianne and that guy (that's what Mason kept calling Rick)! We were sad that Rex and Quinn had to stay home because Brooklin and Mason were ready to play. On Sunday Kirstin came down and we had a nice dinner!
Rick and Marianne headed back to Vegas on Monday so they could fly back to Alaska bright and early on Wednesday morning! Thanks for taking the time to come and visit - it was great seeing you!
Kirstin * Kaye * Marianne * Stephanie

Brooklin * Marianne * Rick

Nov 3, 2010

A Long Halloween Weekend....

I'm not even sure where to begin with this post... We had a 5 day weekend so we headed north on Thursday afternoon. My dad was already at Kasey's house so my mom, the kids, Abbe (going to Idaho) and myself crammed ourselves in the car and headed to colder weather. We got to Tremonton around 11pm and met Randi who was picking up Abbe...
Jackson and Mason were so excited to see each other Friday morning! Addi is getting so big and walking around everywhere. We just hung out Friday, went to the gymnastics place where Meridee works and the kiddos loved it! Later that afternoon the boys watched the kids while we headed to Logan to shop.
Saturday we had a party for Addi since she turned ONE earlier in the week. Meridee's family came up and we had a scavenger hunt, decorated bags and cupcakes, had a dance party and opened lots of presents. It had started to rain and luckily it cleared up before heading out to trick or treat. The kids lasted about an hour and then we were done... Mason was the cutest clown ever and Brooklin was an awesome Hannah Montana! Jackson was a cowboy and Addi bug was a little indian.
Sunday my parents took the kids to see the rocket and trains... Kasey and Meridee went to church and I headed to Logan to find jeans without kids! We went back to the gymnastics place and I had to show off my mad rope and ring skills - I'm so sore too! After dinner we decorated halloween cookies!
Monday we packed up and met Abbe and were on our way by 11:30. Abbe, the kids and I were in the car and we stopped at Quilted Bear and the mall on the way home - I was having buyers remorse about my jeans so I stopped to exchange them! My parents had to visit a few people so they were in the truck.
We had such a fun weekend - Thanks Kasey and Meridee for letting us stay at your house and making such a mess. We miss our Addi Bug and Jacks already, good thing Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away!
brooklin at addi's party

the scavenger hunt

bobbin' for apples
mason's cupcake

one cute little indian


part of the rocket

cute little stinker

my sweet girl

mason loved the rope

kasey on the rings

showing off my mad rope skills

even mom tried it and has a bruise to prove it!

B was the master at the cartwheels

decorating cookies

we love addi bug

cowboy jackson

HalloWeeN ParTieS

Mason had his Halloween party on Thursday and was able to dress up like Batman. He was a clown on Halloween but his costume was packed and I didn't want to get it dirty so he went as Batman. He said he had a fun time and came home with a bag full of candy!
I was able to help with Brooklin's party and we had a blast. We split the class into 2 groups and played Bingo while the others decorated cookies and then we swapped. The kids were so cute and it was fun being in there with Brooklin. After the party we were on our way to Tremonton for the weekend!
Miss Kendra and Batman

playing bingo

decorating a yummy cookie


This was Brooklin's first pumpkin run and she was super excited! She made sure she wore her black and orange and wore her fastest running shoes! I wasn't sure what to expect, I couldn't believe how far the kids had to run... I had given Brooklin the -it's okay if you don't win a pumpkin, just do your best. I'll be proud of you no matter what- talk and she was good. The kids lined up back at the fence and started running down the grass, once I could recognize the kids - B was in the front! She was running her little heart out and ended up coming in 4th. She was so proud and excited she got to pick out a pumpkin! Way To Go my Little Runner :)
Mason was sad cuz the kids were laughing at him cuz he was dressed as Batman...

the Perfect pumpkin

School Skate Party!

The Tues before Halloween the school did a skating party instead of the usual carnival. Brooklin had a lot of fun skating around with all her little friends! Everyone was able to dress up in their costume and after skating they did the trunk or treat but we skipped out early so B could go to her music class...

Nov 2, 2010

lazy way...

of decorating pumpkins this year! The kids and I will be gone over Halloween, we're heading north so I figured why carve pumpkins! Actually, it's a super crazy week and we didn't really have time so my mom found these tatoo faces and the kids thought they were so awesome! It went quick and everyone was happy and the best part, NO MESS!