Dec 19, 2007

My most precious gifts of all...

What mor could you ask for if you opened up this darling package??? I just love these two kiddos so very much. They are my whole world -- everyday they are coming up with something new to make me so proud to be their mommy! Brooklin is so much like me and we butt heads on occasion but nothing can keep me mad at her when she says "sorry mommy" and looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. My little Mason just has to look at me and give me that cheesey grin and it just melts my heart. I'm so blessed to have these sweet spirits in my life and they are such a joy in our home! I love you with all my heart, Brooklin and Mason!!!

Dec 10, 2007

There's no place like Home

Brooklin is hooked on the Wizard of Oz and she even has some red Dorothy shoes. Anyhow, her new thing is to close her eyes and say "There's no place, there's no place" (she seems to leave out the part "like home"). It's the funniest thing ever... she's always thanking me for buying her red slippers too!

Quick Trip

We had quick trip up to Salt Lake to watch Kasey play basketball. We were lucky enough to have it snow on us -- Brooklin loved it! She had a blast and was able to build her first snowman. Mason looked so cute all bundled up and he loved eating the snow! WE can't wait to go back up in a couple weeks to play some more and go ice skating!!!

Dec 7, 2007

We love the elves!!!

This is hilarious!!!!

Dec 4, 2007

I want Pink Skates!!!

My sweet little Brooklin is a crack up! For the last 2 months, everytime someone asks her what she wants for Christmas... it's Skates. It started off as ice skates, then it went to skates, and now it's pink skates! That's all she ever says too... I think it's a hoot!
We are getting very excited for Christmas and all the parties we have going on. We get to go ice skating for the Winters' Party. I hope everyone is all decorated and getting their shopping done! I'm getting there....