Nov 4, 2015

happy halloween

We got all fixed up for Halloween and headed out
for the night... We started at the Beehive Home then
ventured to the city trunk or treat held at the parking 
garage and ended the night at Turtleback!
We were doing great until we got out at Turtleback
and Mason slammed his own finger in the car door.
He cried and didn't want to trick or treat so we
walked around the circle and headed for home.
It took half of his fingernail off once we got home
and cleaned it up! Poor kid...

championship game

Championship game...
Bulldogs vs Warriors
We lost but our boys didn't give up and they
played their best til the very end.
I'm so proud of this group of boys 
for the improvement they made over
the season and making it to the final game!!
We'll get em next year!!


Nov 1, 2015

field of screams

Kasey, Meridee, Jackson, Mason, Koby
and myself headed to Staheli Farm to the 
field of screams after the party... 
It was great fun, Koby and Mason held my hand
the entire time.... Mason cried for a little bit and then
he was fine, Jackson wasn't too sure about the whole
thing and cried off and on, Koby was the man and 
stayed strong!!! I screamed a few times and laughed a ton!

grandma's halloween party

Grandma always outdoes herself when it comes to holidays
 and parties... The kids were out of school so we headed up Friday
afternoon to start the celebration! We had Mattie Hughes and Koby
Perry staying with us for the weekend, the more the merrier!
We frosted cookies, played games, bobbed for apples, silly string fights, 
ate a yummy dinner and got scared by a tall monster man!