Jul 31, 2015

2nd annual subway hike

We got lucky!!!! Kasey and I both put in
for the lottery draw last Tuesday and Sunday
I found out I got picked as one of the lottery
winners for the hike!!!! We had 12 spots....
It was pretty much amazing and so different than
last year. More water which meant more swimming!
 It was beautiful and I enjoyed all 9 hours!!
We definitely took our time and didn't 
rush through like last year.
Kasey, Meridee, Jackson, and 4 of their
friends along with Jody, Mary, Kirstin,
Mason and myself!!! The boys did 
awesome, only a few meltdowns from Mason! 
He did have a cactus needle stuck in his bum
and after we got that out, he was good to go!
And we also found the trail at the end so
we didn't have to hike up the mountain side
on loose dirt and rocks!!!