Feb 15, 2015

let's walk to school....

The kids either ride their bikes or scooters
and one day they decided to walk...

skipper of the school

Mason made it into Skipper of the School
and he took 3rd, jumping for 12:38!
He was the last boy jumping...
He was cracking me up while he was 
jumping, he was talking to all his friends
and being so silly!!
Great job Mas, so proud of you 
for jumping so long!!!!!


Here's pics from one of Mason's meets...
poor kid had to wrestle a girl 3 times cuz
they were the only 2 in the weight class!
He ended up winning the first one and losing 
the next two just by a couple points!

date with my boy!

While Nick and B headed to weigh in pigs,
Mason and I went to watch the hot air balloons.
We waited for about 45 mins and come to find out
it was too windy to fly - which it was beautiful weather!
So it was weird that they wouldn't let them go up...

pig weigh in's

I'm not sure how this came about for sure
but Brooklin is showing a pig for the fair.
Saturday the 24th they loaded up the pigs and
headed to Logandale to weigh them in!

bedroom makeover

B has been wanting to redo her room for 
a long time!! So for her birthday we got rid
of the green and pink and painted it gray 
with accents of aqua and coral! It turned out
so cute and she loved it!!!

My baby is 10!!!!

I can't believe Brooklin is turning 10
this year! She is definitely growing up 
way too fast... She is so fun, smart, funny,
independent, stubborn, artistic, sensitive,
helpful, caring and brightens my days!
She loves school and taking piano lessons, 
playing sports and playing with her friends!
We celebrated all week, starting Monday
eating clam chowder at grandma's, watching a 
Dixie game and topping the night off at Yogurtland!

The day before her birthday Andrea made Mcflurry's
for her class and we delivered them! She was 
so thrilled and felt so special - Andrea takes good
care of us!!!
On her actual birthday (21st) she had invited some
of her friends to go bowling after school!
It was perfect and she got spoiled. Her little group
of friends is such a cute one! 

Kirstin came down the weekend after her birthday so we
just kept on celebrating! B wanted to spend some of her
money so the girls went shopping and had dinner at Red Robin!
We stayed at grandma and grandpa's and went to the
sand dunes in Snow Canyon on Sunday!