Jan 26, 2015

4th grade field trip

I was lucky enough to be a chaperone for B's
field trip down to the Smith Center to hear the symphony!
What a beautiful building and the music was great.
The kids were able to dress up nice and afterwards
we ate lunch in the courtyard! It was a fun day 
and I'm happy I was able to spend some time with
my girl!!! 

b and alexis

rzr ride in logandale

We've been trying to plan a ride with Andrea and Brooks forever!!!
 Well today was the day and we headed to Logandale for a change
of scenery! It was beautiful and such a fun ride... We found rocks 
and sand so Mason was in heaven! My parents came down and
so did Dave and Colette! I have know the Price's and Andrea
since my McDonald working days and we've just stayed 
friends since then! They are awesome and I just love them!

bring on 2015

Well I had to work again til later so Nick headed up with the
kids cuz Dixie had an afternoon game. I headed that
way when I got done with work and caught the
last part of the game!
The Whitings came down to play and we wanted to ring in the 
new year with our bestest friends in the world!
Kasey had rented out the old gym at the college but
there was a misunderstanding with another lady - 
we ended up in the weight room and played dodge ball
and spike ball. Kasey and I dominated spike ball
and went undefeated!!!! We hung out there til 10:30 and 
then headed to my parents for round #2 with the Whitings.
We played Heads Up and pounded our pots and pans
at midnight then chatted for a bit!
Nick headed home and the kids and I stayed over night!

love these girlies!!

We always have such a fun, crazy time together!! 
We are missing Robin and Chrissy but these gals
keep me sane and I know it's always going to be a
great time when we get together!!

sink hole/trap mine

The Saturday after Christmas we headed out with
the Hughes family and Teri and the boys joined us
to Trap Mine and the Sink Hole!
It was a great day to be riding, a little chilly but
not too bad! We just bundled up and then stripped down
on our hike up to the mine which was straight up the
mountain!!! Definitely a good workout and got the
legs burning a bit!! The mine was pretty cool, we
could see the railroad tracks and all the little places
they went. There was still some machinery in the
mine too which was pretty amazing!