Sep 24, 2014

hopscotch champ - 2 yrs running!

This girl is wonder woman!!!
She won the hopscotch championship
for the 2nd year in a row...

i love my friends....

dentist/picture day

I didn't plan this out to well!!! Nick and Mason
had cleaning appts on picture day. It wouldn't
have been bad but poor Mas had 2 teeth pulled!!!
So he went to school with a numb left side of his 
mouth and biting down on bloody gauze!
I'm sure these pics will be keepers!!!

check out the root on that sucker!!

mason loved his souvenir from san diego!!!!

just a little rain...

We had quite the rainstorm a few weeks ago...
we had no power from 3-11pm because the
power plant in overton was flooded!
So after school the kids and I headed out on the
 razor to check out all the puddles. We ended up
playing down by Zarate's with a whole slew
of people!!! We had a blast! I really wanted to go
check the river out but I didn't want to get stuck!!!
We went out around 8pm and drove around,
it was pretty creepy seeing the town pitch dark!
Trucks were parked in every parking lot since the
freeway was shut down, the storm washed out part
of I-15!!! It was pretty crazy...

Sep 14, 2014

more san diego fun!!

Sunday we headed to Mission Beach and 
rented bikes for a couple hours! We had a 
blast and Brooklin loved her mini beach cruiser!
We laid out, boogie boarded, and ate dinner
at the Wavehouse right there on the beach.
We headed back to Holly's to do smores in
their backyard and then went to bed!

Monday is the day we were all dreading!!! We have had
such a great time and the weather has been perfect!
The thought of going back to reality was not a happy
one... I could totally be a beach bum and ride my beach 
cruiser around all day or paddle board... no makeup or doing
our hair all weekend - it was awesome and just what I needed!
It was so fun hanging out with some of my favorite peeps!!!
We went back to Mission Beach with Holly on Monday,
we rented bikes for an hour and then played on the beach.
It took all we had to pack up and walk to the car by 5:00pm
to drive home.... we did not want to leave!!!!

girls weekend in san diego!!!

I was in need of some beach time so I 
finally headed to San Diego to visit Holly, 
my bestie from college!!! I took Brooklin and 
Kirstin with me and we headed down for the long
weekend. We went with no plans other than beach,
beach, Padres game, Old Town for mexican food
and some more beach!!!! And that's exactly what we did...
Holly was so nice to let us crash at her house
and it was great to catch up with her and 
play with her sweet girls, Emry and Halsy!
We didn't get down there til late on Thurs and 
Friday we headed to Lajolla and played on the beach 
and swam with the seals! B got her finger bit by a 
seagull that snatched her granola bar right out of her hand!
Holly met up with us later in the afternoon to play 
for a bit then we headed to Old Town for dinner
at Coyote Cafe! After dinner we walked around the 
little shops for a bit before heading back for bed!

Saturday we headed to Coronado to do some paddle boarding!
It was Holly's first time and I wasn't going to miss an
opportunity to do one of my most favorite things!!!
It was the first time I had been over the bridge to Coronado 
and I loved it... I will definitely be going back! We stayed in the
bay part and they had a sweet little beach with a nice playground
and it was perfect!!!! After we played for a few hours we walked
around and ate a late lunch and then headed to the Padres vs. Dodgers
game. We sat out on the grass because it was sold out but we still
had a great time and Padres won in extra innings!!!!!