Jun 29, 2014

swim meet #3

The Fredonia meet is always a good time and 
this year was no different! It's been fun 
having Jackson swim with the Dixie team
so we can cheer him on too!! We stayed in Kanab
Friday night so we headed over to get a spot 
bright and early Sat. After the meet we went and 
ate lunch in Kanab and then headed home!!!

Brooklin's times:
Freestyle relay (B, Emma, Jordan, Tyra)
2:09 (2)
Medley relay
2:34 (2)
Fly 50 yd - 37.15 (3)
Freestyle 50 yd - 29.74 (3)
IM 100 yd - 1:16 (2)

Mason's times:
Freestyle relay (Mason, Gavin, Chandon, Mav)
58.91 (1)
Medley relay
1:16 (1)
Breast stroke 25 yd - 18.16 (1)
IM 100 yd - 1:34 (1)
Freestyle 25 yd - 14.84 (1)

fun razor ride

We headed out a day early to the Fredonia 
swim meet to go on a razor ride!
My parents, Harris' and us made the trip
a day early... We started at Elephant Cove
and stopped at Mt. Carmel for lunch at Subway.
We had a few detours getting back to the trucks
but after another trip to the gas station at Mt. Carmel 
we found the road and made it with no problems.
Most of the ride was in and out of the Virgin River
so we had fun getting wet and getting Gma and Gpa
wet!!! All in all it was a great day for a ride and we
saw some new scenery and had a blast!!!

jr. golf

This summer we decided to sign the kids up
for a 3 week Jr. Golf program 3 days a week 
for an hour! The kids got clubs a couple Christmas' 
ago and haven't got much use. They loved going and
learning more about the game! Now they get a chance
to golf a different course in town on Tuesdays for the 
rest of the summer! Grandpa even stopped by to 
pick up some pointers!!! They both won the putting
challenge on the last day too!!