Mar 30, 2014

spring soccer

I finally had a free weekend to watch the 
kids play soccer! They did awesome...
B even had 2 head butts which was cool!
Can't wait for the tourney in a few weeks...

Brooklin's field trip!

This week Brooklin was able to go on a field trip
to the Springs Preserve down in Vegas. 
I wasn't able to go with her due to work and 
softball so I sent her with a camera so
I could see what I missed out on!!!
75 pics later.... Here are a few from the day!

relay races....

The kids were excited to make the relay teams!
Their teams weren't the fastest but they did their 
best and that's good enough for me!

my little man turns 7..

I can't believe my baby boy is 7 years old!!!
This kid keeps me on my toes and makes
me want to pull my hair out but he
can melt my heart with his huge heart!
Mason is doing so well in school
and is a math wiz - the numbers he can 
add and subtract blows me away!
He loves being outside and playing any
kind of sport. He is friends with everyone
and loves his buddies! He is still kind of
a momma's boy which I totally love!!
The week of his birthday was insane...
I had softball and we had a tournament the
weekend of his birthday! So Fri night Nick took
Mason and 5 of his friends to the new Muppets
movie. I did get done with softball but I volunteered
to get ready for the bbq afterwards! He requested
a chocolate coke cake which I was thrilled to make.
The night before his bday when I tucked him in,
he asked if I would tape his door shut so he 
couldn't get out in the morning! (with crate paper)
He was spoiled and got a bb gun with a scope 
from grandma and grandpa. He also got rollerblades, 
a cowboy hat and belt buckle from me!

aiden, jackson, decker, cade, mason, parker, mav, max (wyatt came later)