Nov 22, 2013

achievement days

Brooklin has loved going to 
Achievement Days a couple 
times a month! This week
they were doing service and
just so happen to end up at
our house, raking leaves!

few randoms...

A thousand flags were on display last week
and Brooklin and I stopped to take a look!

Basketball season has started and both
kids are playing on the same team!
We need to work on their skills but
they're doing great!!!

Mason earned this Top Dawg Award
at school and I'm super proud of him!
I'm just happy he's good at school
cuz he's a stinker at home!

I look forward to my Thurs nights
with these crazy ladies (missing Juwlz)!
We have a Grey's Anatomy/Scandal party
every week and I love it!!!

the little things...

mean the most....
I love when I have little
moments like this with 
my kiddos!!!

an early thanksgiving weekend...

We celebrated thanksgiving last weekend with
my family and it was perfect!!
Kasey and his family will be headed north
and Kirstin wasn't able to come down for
thanksgiving so we celebrated early!
Friday night Nick and Mason headed up early
to a wrestling match with Jackson.
Both boys did great and came away with a medal!
Brooklin and I had a girls night,
we went to Olive Garden and Target!
Saturday we watched the 5th football
team play for the championship and win!
The girls went shopping and we met
everyone for lunch at Chicfila!
We had another sleepover at grandma's and
stayed up way too late playing Heads Up!
Sunday Kirst and I had to make a stop
at Maurice's and then headed back to 
help with dinner! It was super
yummy and it was wonderful to be 
with family!
I'm so thankful for my family and everything
they do for me! We may not always see
each other but when we get together
we always have a great time!!!

isn't she the cutest thing ever??? 

Nov 11, 2013

3 corners & little jamaica

Today we went on a fun little
ride with some great friends!
We headed out to 3 corners and 
then ended up at little jamaica,
swimming in November!!!!
Doesn't get much better than that!

had to sport my freebie!

speed meet

Last Thursday the kids were able
to compete in the Speed Meet which 
was held in Logandale. 
They were very excited because they
got to ride the bus!!!
Each student competed in the shuttle
run and a relay team race. 
The top 8 of each grade competed
and it was a fun little day!
Both kids relay teams took first
and individually they took 3rd or 4th.