Jul 28, 2013

championship weekend - saturday

Saturday was another early start but
it wasn't nearly as hot or long!
Brooklin competed in all her events
and did awesome!
Butterfly: 26.59 (1)
IM: 2:19.98 (1)
Freestyle: 21.43 (1)
Mason also did awesome
 in his events.
Backstroke: 33.16 (2)
Breaststroke: 36.77 (1)
Freestyle: 25.65(1)
-Mason and Daxton Noel have this great
rivalry and Dax has beat Mas in the freestyle
all year... Mas turned it on and barely beat
Dax on Sat by less than second-

look who made it back from their little getaway!!!

sweet photo bomb kj!

Thank you grandma and grandpa
for coming back early to cheer on the kiddos!
Also Meridee and the kids came over 
Saturday to watch too!!!!

A huge THANKS to our AWESOME coaches!
Brailee and Kiera were awesome and
we're going to miss them!!

championship weekend - friday

This year the championship was 
held in Hurricane!
The teams competing: Fredonia, Dixie College,
Hurricane and Mesquite.
Friday everyone competed, it was a long
and hot day but we survived!
The top 5 in all the events moved
on to Saturdays finals. 
The relay teams only competed
on Friday.  All our swimmers
did awesome and most of them
came back on Sat!
Brooklin took first in the butterfly,
IM, and freestyle plus both relays
took first!
Mason took first in breaststroke,
 and 2nd in freestyle and backstroke
plus his medley relay took first
and freestyle relay took 5th.
I was so proud of the kids 
for swimming so hard 
and making it to Saturday!

coach creer came to support the kiddos!

water fight!

sleepover with addi and jacks...

The kids have been begging for a sleepover
with Addi and Jacks since they moved down.
Kasey had to start recruiting this month and 
with the new babe, I told Meridee I'd take them 
for a weekend! The kids and I headed up
Friday to pick them up and get my baby fix
we came back home and headed to the big blue slide!
That's all Addi and Jacks wanted to do..
We also made jolly rancher suckers 
Sat morning and then went swimming again.
Kasey picked the kids up Sat night on his
way home! We had a blast with them and
I'm sure this was the first of many sleepovers 
to come....

was going to buy these speedos for mas!

how to keep kids entertained during softball....

It's been so hot and humid at 
co-ed softball I thought the kids 
would have fun keeping cool!

sometimes i wonder...

where these 2 came from :)
It was a Sunday afternoon and I hadn't 
heard much from these 2. I walked
outside and found them like this!!!
B said she didn't want to drown???

Jul 17, 2013

cowboy jack

This kid cracks me up!!! 
(He named himself cowboy Jack)
He really wants to be a cowboy
and I think the speedo adds
so much to it!!!!

Jul 14, 2013

swim meet #4 - last home meet

Saturday was our last home meet 
of the summer... The kids did great
and did their best!!!

Mason's races -
Freestyle relay (cooper, daxton, maverick): 1:53 (4)
Medley relay: 2:21.38 (3)
25 yd backstroke: 28.47 (1)
25 yd breaststoke: 33.59 (2)
25 yd freestyle: 29.25 (2)

Brooklin's times -
Freestyle relay (tyra, ashlyn, marli): 1:38.50 (1)
Medley relay: 1:53.56 (1)
25 yd butterfly: 23.41 (1)
100 yd im: 2:04.44 (1)
25 yd freestyle: 20.10 (1)

my little fish did awesome today!!!