Feb 28, 2013

other pics from the weekend..

We had breakfast Saturday morning with 
Grandpa Gene and Grandma Karen..
Grandma Winters made us pancakes
Sunday before we left...
The kids loved the snow and wanted
to play in it more but I didn't bring 
their snow clothes...

this is a whole other story....

Bear River vs. Morgan

We had a feeling the big game
would come down to Bear River and Morgan..
During the season Morgan beat the Bears
both times by 1 point!!! 
This was it, it was the time for us
to beat those boys!!!
The Bears came out flat and couldn't 
really get into the game... they struggled!
It was hard watching them play so off
after having such a great game the night before.
But they had a great season and can't 
complain about taking 2nd in the State!!!
I'm so proud of Kasey and how well he
handles himself during the games, he's a 
natural!!! He's so good with the boys and
I know they love having him as a coach!
His seniors were freshman when he got
 the coaching job -- it has been fun watching
them improve each year!
You did AWESOME Winters!!!
Scott and Sharley were already in Salt Lake
so they made the drive up to watch!
Todd and Julie also came up to support Kasey!
Of course, the kids were occupied by candy
and iPads -- whatever works!!

Feb 26, 2013

are you ready for some basketball???

Thursday, Feb 21st Bear River
was playing the first round of the
State Tourney... They were playing 
Judge Memorial at 11:00am!
There was no way I could get up there
to watch so we went with the next best 
thing, watching live stream on the computer!
It was pure torture not being there...
The boys did AWESOME and won 66-61.
The next game was Friday @ 7:30pm - 
guess who is making an appearance???
That's right, the crew from down south is
headed north for the weekend to cheer on
the Bear River Bears and Coach Winters!!!!

i was dying at halftime... tied!!!

The kids and I headed up to Weber State 
on Fri afternoon with my parents!
(Poor B has missed art 3 weeks in
 a row cuz I pull her out early but 
we gotta do what we gotta do --)
We made it up there with no problems 
and we were so happy to see Addi & Jacks!
Addi just loved Mason and sat on his
lap and would give him kisses the entire 
game. The kids were entertained by kindles
or Ipads during the game, I don't think they
watched a second but it kept them occupied!
The Bears played Snow Canyon and
played the game of their season,
AMAZING! They were on 
fire and couldn't miss a shot.
Final score 83-55
Bears are playing for STATE!!!

he's a natural

they wouldn't let us bring our signs in!

my world...

I love these 2 kiddos more
than anything in this world!!!
I love that they love sports and
want to be involved in so much -
it can get crazy at times but it's 
all worth it!
Flag football is in full force!!!