Sep 28, 2012

school pics...

Today was picture day!!!

another tooth comes out...

We had a fun (I use that word sarcastically)
week trying to get B's front tooth out!
I tried to talk her into letting
me pull it out Sunday and 
Monday which she cried hysterically...
She wouldn't let me even touch her,
it was ridiculous!!!
Finally I told Nick he better take 
care of it or I'm going to lose it!!
Tuesday night while I was at softball
he sent a picture with B and her new
cheesy smile!!!
The toothfairy still came to visit and 
left her $2...

i think she looks so much older!!!

Sep 22, 2012

punt, pass & kick

Thursday night Brooklin participated 
in the Punt, Pass & Kick!!! 
She was one of 3 girls in her age group.
She had a pretty good throw but we
need to work on the kick off the tee.
You'd think that would be easy
but what do I know???
She took 1st place in her age
group for the girls :)
So Nov 10th she gets to 
participate in St. George.
I guess we better get practicing!!!
Great Job Brooklin :)

Sep 16, 2012


Not much has been happening around
here.. Nick is super busy with high
school and 8th grade football so we
don't see much of him these days!
I'm just busy with work and running
kids here and there. 
They are both loving school and doing
great so far! Mason doesn't miss
me much anymore but he still
wants a kiss when I drop him off :)
Brooklin is taking piano lessons and
will start flag football this week. She's 
always doing a little volleyball camp once 
a week which she really enjoys.
Mason will start flag football and 
he's so excited!!! He is all boy and so 
full of energy.
Here are a few pics from my phone
over the last month.
I got some tomatoes while I was up
north last month and ended up
bottling 42 quarts!!!
Last week the kids and I spoke in church
on Love at Home. (I'm not sure why 
Nick didn't get asked to speak with us)!
The kids did great - Brooklin was first and she
was nervous but read her poem perfectly!
Mason was out of control before he had to 
give his "speech" (that's what he was calling
it all morning) but he did great!!!
I was just happy to get done with mine :)

i'm so domestic!!

the finished product...

trying out curls for church

breakfast in the lunchroom!