Jun 16, 2012

swim meet #1

It's that time of year again... it's swimming time! I'm not too sure about doing these out of town swim meets with the time change - 5:30am we were pulling out of town heading up to Hurricane.  Brooklin competed in 3 events - backstroke, breast stroke and freestyle. She did awesome and took first place in all 3 events! I don't have her official times yet but I'm doing this more for my journal...
25m backstroke= 25:30
25m breast stroke= 38:96
25m freestyle= 23:29

Great job Brooklin! It was so fun watching all the kids today and it will be fun to see how they improve by the end of the summer.  We're trying to talk Mason into giving it a try but he doesn't want to race... I've been helping on Tues and Thurs so I may force him into doing it on those days :)

do the sprinkler!!!

What's a kid to do on a hot summer night???

our little neighbor came to join in the fun!

Jun 10, 2012

randomness from my phone

his famous slide home

mason & his buddy max watching a movie

last day of school

we want a pool :)

busy weekend...

School's out and summer is here!!!! We are so excited for summer and a few lazy days!  The kids and I headed to St. George for the weekend - Saturday we had a baby shower in the morning and then our sweet friends the Green's were able to go through the temple to be sealed to 2 of their kids they've recently adopted. We met them as they were coming out of the temple and went to the blessing of the kids - it was such a sweet moment, they've waited a long time for this day and I'm so happy for them!  Later that night we had Ty and Becca's reception or dance party!! It was such a blast and the kids were dancing up a storm.... It was hilarious, Mason was break dancing and Brooklin was right in the middle of everything too!
It was a busy day but it was a lot fun visiting with friends and being a part of these special moments!

pizza party @ gma & gpa's friday night

grandpa giving mason his summer buzz!

he has soooo much hair!

at the temple 

the softball princess (that's what b called her)

mason in the middle of the circle

On the way home, both kids crashed!  When we got home, I told Mason to go get in bed. I had gone in the house to put something away and when I came back out the the trunk - this is what I found. He was really asleep too!!! I was rollin' - what a silly boy!

Jun 7, 2012

let's play music recital

This was Brooklin's 3rd year with Ms. Angela and the Let's Play Music program.  She has learned so much and worked really hard on her recital piece which she wrote herself! We are taking the summer off and then she's going to give piano lessons a try. I really hope she learns to love the piano - I kick myself for not sticking with it after 6 years of lessons... I was not interested and my mom forced me to take lessons!  I'm hoping Brooklin does not follow in my footsteps and really enjoys it!